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Man sentenced to hospital order after plotting to kill his parents

9 Jan 2018

A man from Wootton who plotted to kill his parents with a cross bow after drugging them has been sentenced to a hospital order.

Richard Hignett, 32, of Studley Road, pleaded guilty at Luton Crown Court on Friday (5 January) to two counts of administering a substance with intent to commit an indictable offence, namely murder.

After obtaining Alprazolam, a type of tranquiliser, during the early evening of 9 March 2017 Hignett gave his parents drinks which were spiked with the drug. Hignett’s father noticed the drink had an odd taste and so poured the majority of it away, but his mother drank it.

Later that evening, both felt unusually tired and so went to bed.

At some point over the following hours, Hignett accidentally shot himself in his left foot. He was found trying to cut off his shoe, with an arrow lodged in his foot, at around 4pm the following day by his father.

After being called to the scene by the ambulance service to reports of a domestic incident, officers spoke to Hignett who admitted that he had drugged his parents and said his intention was to kill them and then himself. He was arrested, taken to hospital for treatment for his injured foot, later questioned and then charged.

Detective Chief Inspector Aaron Kiff said: “The hospital order received by Richard Hignett means he will remain in hospital until such time as the Secretary of State for Justice deems he is no longer a risk to the public. This was a particularly shocking incident to deal with, but I hope his time in hospital allows Hignett an opportunity to reflect on his actions, as well as the help that he needs.”

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