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Students are reminded to be safe this Christmas

15 Dec 2017

We are reminding students to stay safe over Christmas and get home safely.

Students are reminded to avoid walking home alone at night. Wherever possible, use public transport and travel with friends. Always use licensed cabs from either a known numbers or taxi rank and never accept a lift from someone you don't know.

The force is also reminding people of the importance of gaining explicit consent when it comes to sex. If someone has not consented to sex, is too incapacitated to give their consent, for example through alcohol or drugs, or if they have fallen asleep, then pursuing sexual activity with them is a crime. Remember no means no.

University Liaison Officer PC Craig Pearce said: “The festive period is a busy time, with many people socialising and out celebrating, and so we are reminding students to drink responsibly and be safe.

“We’re also reminding people it is never acceptable to take advantage of those who may be incapacitated by drugs or alcohol – who, remember, are not able to give their consent to sexual activity.”

Ruki Heritage, the Assistant Director of Student Experience & Head of Student Support at University of Bedfordshire said: "I would like to wish all our students a joyous festive break and a very Happy New Year. During the festive period please think about your safety and those around you.  If you do have any concerns on your return to studies after the holidays, our Student Support teams are here to help and can offer practical, professional and confidential support."

For students who are leaving campus for the Christmas holidays, remember to lock all doors and windows, and leave valuables well out of sight or preferably take them with you. Where possible put lights on a timer switch to make it look like someone is home.

Additional advice can be found on our website.

If you wish to report a crime - call 101. If the crime is in progress or if it’s an emergency, always call 999. You can also call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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