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It’s not OK – this week, or any other week

5 Feb 2018

This week, we are supporting “Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week” - a national campaign underpinned by several leading charities working in the field, to encourage discussion about sexual abuse and sexual violence and how to prevent it in the UK.

The message of this week is 'it's not OK' - that all forms of sexual abuse or violence are unacceptable, and victims and survivors do not have to tolerate it. The week of action is supported by a major national social media campaign.

This is an all-inclusive campaign to support anyone who has experienced sexual abuse or sexual violence, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, identity, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or religion. Victims will be signposted to organisations offering help and assistance tailored to their circumstances.

Headed by Detective Chief Inspector Jerry Waite, our Emerald team investigates sexual offences, rape and domestic abuse.

DCI Waite said: “With high profile cases making daily headlines, from Hollywood all the way to the UK, the taboos surrounding speaking out and reporting crimes of a sexual nature appear to be breaking down. 

“We will fully investigate all reports made and, along with our partners, provide victims with appropriate specialist support.”

For more information on Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week, visit the It’s not OK website or Facebook and Twitter

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