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Force welcomes its most diverse intake of new recruits

17 May 2019

We have welcomed our most diverse intake of new police officer recruits.

Last Friday (10 May) saw the latest attestation of 19 student police officers. Of the 19, 13 were female and five were from a black, Asian, and minority ethnic background. They were welcomed to the force at the start of a 16 week training programme.

Sergeant Ruth Honegan, who runs our recruitment programme, said: “In the same year the Metropolitan Police Service celebrate 100 years of women in policing, we’ve had more female recruits than male for the first time ever, which is quite unprecedented. I think people are realising than policing is changing and we’ve come a long way from the macho culture it used to be seen as.

“Being a police officer is a diverse and challenging job, but it is extremely rewarding and you get to make a difference to so many people’s lives, which I think is what attracts women and men of all backgrounds to the role. It is great to use these talents and skills to help us to become a truly modern police force and allow us to better reflect and understand the wonderfully diverse communities we serve.”

In the UK as a whole 30 per cent of the police force are women, the highest it’s ever been, while in our force 34 per cent of officers are women.

We will be starting a new recruitment drive on 27 May.

There is an information evening on the 22 May at Police Headquarters in Kempston, between 6.30pm and 9pm. Email our recruitment team to book a space.


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