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Man jailed for Luton burglary

26 Feb 2021

A Luton man has been jailed for burglary after he was tracked down after using his victim’s online streaming service.

David Leahy, 42, of Penhill, in Luton, pleaded guilty to a break-in in November 2019, and was sentenced at Luton Crown Court to over two years in prison on Wednesday (24 February).

On 13 November 2019, a man has returned to his home in Halfway Avenue, and found that he had been burgled. A number of high value electronic devices and jewellery had been stolen.

Officers who investigated discovered that the victim’s online streaming service was used to purchase two movies, and with this information they managed to find the location of the internet connection used by Leahy.

Upon his arrest, he also admitted six further break-ins across Luton between 20 December 2018 and 9 May 2019.

Leahy was sentenced to 26 months for one count of burglary, and the admission to the further six crimes was taken into consideration.

Detective Constable Jason Wheeler, from Bedfordshire Police dedicated burglary team Operation Maze, said: “Leahy is a prolific offender who admitted to committing seven burglaries, and his admissions were taken into consideration.

“Leahy apologised for his actions and said that he committed these crimes to feed his drug habit, and we hope that he will now reconsider his actions and turn away from life of crime.”

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