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Saima Khan murder - family statement

26 Oct 2017

"My family and I are mixed with emotions at this moment in time. I have lost my wife, and my children have lost their mother. My family are finding it all difficult to come to terms with. It has been difficult to understand why Saima was murdered. This outcome has identified the murderer but there are so many questions which will be left unanswered.

"The ones who are suffering the most are my children as they have lost the most important woman in their life, their mother. They are too young to understand fully what has happened. The pain is harder to bear when the murder of someone is committed by their own. It leaves with you with so many questions which are unanswered.

"Being children and young they do not fully understand, but as they grow older they will ask questions. I am left to deal with this and I request that the public respect this and my children at this difficult time.

"I am lost for words and can only say that the months and days will go by. People will get on with their lives but my children and I will always have this gap in our life. Every birthday for the children, mother’s day, and anniversaries will be a painful reminder of our loss. My children and I can only pray for Saima and pray that the public do the same.

"I would like to thank Bedfordshire Police in all their efforts in this investigation. Also the Luton social workers team, Victim Support and our family liaison officer who all have continued to support my family.

"I would like to thank all those individuals who have prayed for my family and supported us emotionally through this traumatic ordeal. Your kind words, duas and sensitivity has been much appreciated.

"I request that my wife is remembered in your prayers and that may her soul rest in peace. I pray that we are one day reunited as a family.


Saima Khan
Saima Khan

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