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Police Community Support Officers shave their hair for charity

1 Dec 2017

Two Bedfordshire Police’s PCSOs are shaving their heads to raise money for the Luton Foodbank.

PCSOs Dan McHugh and Liam Hill will participate in the event organised in partnership with the Luton Foodbank and sponsored by Picasso Hairdressers in Guilford Street, Luton, which will take place on 7 December (Thursday).

Dan and Liam are well known PCSOs working with the communities across the county, and were only too happy to shed their locks to support the good cause.

PCSO Dan McHugh said: “I will definitely miss my well maintained hairdo but it’s a small price to pay to support our local charity. We will appreciate any kind of money donated to support people who live in poverty and can’t afford food.”

PCSO Liam Hill said: “I hope that my dramatic hairstyle change will help to raise awareness of people who live below the poverty line. Nobody should go hungry and this amazing Luton charity is working hard to deliver food to the tables of those in need.” Salma Khan from Luton Foodbank said: “Last year, Luton Foodbank gave out over 8000 food parcels, an increase of 33 per cent. Donations from the public are a lifeline to ensure the Foodbank is here for those in desperate need. Every day we see the impact that poverty has on families in the town.”

You can donate to the cause on the Virgin Money Giving page.

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