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Cyber Van celebrates its first anniversary

27 Aug 2019

Our Cyber Van, the first of its kind in the country and funded by the Police & Crime Commissioner, has supported hundreds of investigations, ranging from child abuse to county lines and modern day slavery in its first year.

The force’s Cyber Team, which suggested the van, investigates mobile devices involved in some of the most sensitive cases, where a need is identified to examine mobile phone and computers.

Previously, laptops and mobile phones, belonging not only to the offender but also any family members were seized at the scene and taken away for investigation.

The Cyber Van, a high-tech, mobile lab, allows officers to have a discreet place to eliminate devices and has significantly reduced the number of items seized and brought back for investigation.

It has been deployed 116 times since its launch, allowing 624 devices to be examined on scene, of which 208 were identified to contain evidence.

Police and Crime Commissioner Kathryn Holloway, who sponsored the van, said: “When this idea was presented to me I immediately recognised the benefit it would bring to the team and to the Force.

“The van not only speeds up the investigation and helps the Force to be swifter in bringing offenders to justice – but it also allows the quick return of devices which were seized at the scene but hold no evidential value.”

Detective Inspector Richard Tilling, from the Cyber Hub Team, said: “In the past year the van has been immensely helpful when working on various cases. It has provided a positive working environment for the team and reduced the number of devices awaiting forensic investigation.”

Since its launch it has also been nominated for various awards within the industry.


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