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Luton man jailed for three years

6 Jun 2019

A man who was arrested in possession of a torch and a screwdriver has been jailed for an attempted break in.

Callum Wheeler, 26, of Church Road, Luton, was arrested by two police officers who were attending an address in Dolphin Drive, Houghton Regis, following reports of an attempted break in at around 11.20pm on 1 February.

He was arrested when trying to make off from police, less than half an hour after the incident.

During a search, a torch and a screwdriver were found in Wheeler’s possession.

Wheeler denied any involvement in the attempted break in, but a footprint left at the crime scene was matched to the distinctive footwear he was wearing at the time of his arrest. He was sentenced at Peterborough Crown Court yesterday, (5 June), for three years.


Detective Constable Jason Wheeler, who investigated, said: “This was a brazen attempted burglary on an unsuspecting victim. Fortunately, Wheeler was unsuccessful and was apprehended shortly after the incident.

“Wheeler used a number of excuses for items found in his possession, and claimed that he picked up the screwdriver as he found it on the ground in the middle of the night, while running from the police.

“Hopefully he will now take this time to contemplate his actions. We also hope that this sentence will serve as a deterrent to anyone contemplating making ill gains at other people's expense.”

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