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Two-year jail term for prisoner who breached court order

16 Aug 2019

A serving prisoner approaching the end of his sentence has been further jailed for two years, after breaching the conditions of a restraining order imposed upon him following a previous conviction.  

Simon Marks, 29, pleaded guilty to a breach of restraining order that prevented him from contacting members of his family, and was sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Wednesday (14 August) to two years in custody.

He has also had a further restraining order placed upon him until further notice and was ordered to pay £140 victim surcharge.

Marks was arrested on 27 March, just as he was due to complete his sentence, after a lawful search of the prison’s outgoing mail discovered a letter he had written to the family members that he had been ordered not to contact by the court.

PC Sarah Dutton, investigating, said: “Marks didn’t heed the lesson from his initial conviction, and that has now been reflected in the sentence handed to him.

“The order was put there to safeguard his family and spare them from further threats of violence and intimidation.

“This sentence will now also give him time to reconsider his actions.”  

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