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Three arrests and thousands of pounds seized as part of targeted operation

26 Feb 2021

Three people have been arrested for drugs offences after catching the attention of Bedfordshire Police’s dedicated Boson guns and gangs unit whilst they were out on a proactive operation in Luton.

Boson officers worked with the Luton Youth Offending Team to carry out patrols in and around Luton town centre on Monday (22 February), with the aim of speaking to young people about the risks of exploitation and organised crime.

During this time a black vehicle was spotted in the area which arose suspicions. When one of the officers approached it, they found two men sitting inside amidst the strong smell of cannabis.

The car and its occupants were searched and thousands of pounds of cash, mobile phones and two knives were discovered.

Both men, one in his 20s and one in his 30s, were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs.

A woman in her 20s was also found to be in possession of a number of bags of white powder and cash, including European currency.  She was arrested on suspicion of possession with the intent to supply Class A drugs and money laundering.

All three were taken into police custody for questioning and have since been released on bail.

Bedfordshire Police’s Boson guns and gangs team carries out regular patrols in locations identified as hotspots for drug dealing and gang activity.

These patrols act as a deterrent and engage with young people about gang issues, but also help secure a number of results.

Detective Chief Inspector Louisa Glynn said: “We are very pleased with the results in this targeted operation, which saw three people arrested, as well as a large quantity of cash and two offensive weapons seized.

“Drugs cause significant harm within our communities, driving much of the serious violence, exploitation and antisocial behaviour which blights our residents, so we will continue to disrupt drug dealing and other gang activity and bring those peddling drugs on our streets to justice.

“We are determined to make Bedfordshire a hostile environment for anyone attempting to deal drugs in our county, but we need your support. If you have any information or concerns about activity in your area, please report it and help us crack down on organised crime.”

Anyone with any information about drugs or gang activity is asked to report it via or to contact police on 101.

All this information is fed into police intelligence systems and can help officers get a better understanding of drug-related crime.

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