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‘Beware the morning after’ police warn

11 Dec 2017

We are warning drivers to be aware of driving the morning after a night of drinking as they may still be over the drink drive limit.

The morning after campaign, which has been running for several years, is designed to help normally responsible people avoid the risk of a drink drive conviction, or worse, cause a collision or casualties while over the limit.

On average it takes about one hour per unit of alcohol to leave the body – a large glass of wine or a pint of strong beer is about three units.

Inspector Jamie Langwith, from the Beds, Cambs and Herts Road Policing Unit, said: “It takes a lot longer than most people think for alcohol to pass through the body and because of this there is a real risk that people who would not dream of driving after drinking may still be unwittingly over the drink drive limit the morning after.

“This includes people going about their everyday activities such as driving to work, doing the school run, popping to the shops or going to see friends.

“We’re not saying don’t drink, but we are saying don’t drink anything if you are driving, and don’t drink heavily if you have to drive the following morning.”

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