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Man who sent abusive emails to police officer is jailed

11 Jun 2019

A man who sent a number of abusive emails to one of our officers has been jailed.

Naveen Sanotra, 34, of Princes Road, Bromham, sent a dozen emails to one officer as well as harassing another one on social media.

The events began when Sanotra was stopped twice in his vehicle in Bedford in November 2017.

He then made a formal complaint to us. Shortly after this, he posted on Instagram about the incident and tagged one of the officers involved.

When they blocked his account, Sanotra tagged in the officer’s wife.

His complaint was fully investigated and officers were found to have acted lawfully in relation to the vehicle stops.

The officer who led the internal investigation and informed Sanotra of the decision was then subject to multiple emails by Sanotra of an abusive nature.

He was arrested and subsequently charged with sending malicious communications and harassment. He pleaded guilty to both offences.

At Luton Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Monday) Sanotra was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison and ordered to pay £500 compensation to the victim.

PC Charlotte Norris, who led the investigation, said: “Some of the abuse that Sanotra sent to the victim was absolutely vile.

“This incident has had a profound impact on their life and I am glad that Sanotra has been jailed.”

Superintendent Nick Lyall added: “The officers who originally stopped Sanotra were carrying out lawful duties to keep the public safe.

“No officer should be subject to this sort of abhorrent and sickening abuse as a result of carrying out their job.

“This case shows that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable. No matter who the victim is, we will always thoroughly investigate such incidents and those responsible can face prison, as this incident proves.”

Detective Superintendent Amanda Bell, head of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire professional standards department, said: "This case represented really effective joint working between Bedfordshire Police and professional standards in gathering and presenting evidence.

"We take all public complaints seriously and thoroughly investigate all the genuine public complaints made, but will not tolerate the abuse of our staff."

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