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What you can expect from us

Our staff are polite and well mannered, show empathy, treat your case seriously, give practical help and advice and above all keep you informed at regular intervals. This set of standards is brought together under a Victim Contract.

As a victim you can expect our officers to lead you through our CARE leaflet, which captures everything you agreed at your first meeting – from how often we will update you, to how we will do this.

The centre pages contain our summary the Ministry of Justice Code of Practice for Victims of Crime, which explains what you can expect from the criminal justice agencies. 

Bedfordshire Police knows that being a victim of crime is a distressing experience and in such cases victims can be referred to our Signpost Hub giving free and confidential help to those affected by crime.

Trained Victim Care Co-ordinators offer: 

  • Someone to talk to in confidence.
  • Information on police and court procedures.
  • Help in dealing with other organisations.
  • Information about compensation and insurance.
  • Information on other sources of help.
  • Details on how restorative justice  gives victims a voice.  

Concerns and complaints

If you are dissatisfied with the service you receive from us, we are committed to listening to your concerns and complaints so that we can improve our services in the future.

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