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A word from our Chief Constable - Garry Forsyth


Being a victim of any crime is distressing, and we know that telling someone about what has happened to you can be also be daunting, and you may naturally have concerns about what is going to happen next.

When someone who has experienced a crime places their trust in the police and its partner agencies, we must do all we can to support them, and I want to reassure you that we are committed to giving you the best possible service to ensure you receive the support that is right for you, and that you are kept fully informed about your case throughout the criminal justice process.

Our aim is to treat you in a respectful, sensitive, non-discriminatory and professional manner, and look to provide you with appropriate support to help you cope with what you are going through and towards your recovery.

We will do our utmost to ensure you are protected from being victimised again, and are given information on how to access support in future.

These following pages provide information that will be helpful to you, and explain what you can expect from the police and other criminal justice or support agencies.

I welcome your views on your experience with us, and you find out how you can provide that in our feedback section.

Whatever you tell us will be in the strictest confidence, and will help us shape how we structure our services for those who need our assistance.

Garry Forsyth, Chief Constable, Bedfordshire Police 



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