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Junior Police Squad

The Junior Police Squad is a national award winning initiative which is part of the Bedfordshire Police’s continued commitment to engaging with children and young people across the county.


The scheme works with children in school year 5 (9 and 10 year olds) and aims to develop and maintain trust in police, as well as educating young people in the county on important issues. This is an education setting based scheme and unfortunately not open to individual applications. 

Every fortnight over a school term, members of the force’s Education and Diversion Team attend the schools or other educational establishment involved to lead a session with Junior Police Squad members, covering topics in line with the force’s priorities including cyber-crime, hate crime, and knife crime and gangs -. Members are then asked to help teach their friends within their school or educational establishment. 

Each of the students taking part is issued with a Junior Police Squad uniform to perform their duties, which consists of a polo shirt and cap adorned with the Junior Police Squad logo and Bedfordshire Police crest and at the end of the scheme are issued with a certificate of involvement 

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