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Spot the signs of modern slavery or human trafficking


If you see someone you have concerns about, consider whether they display any of the signs which are indicators of a victim of modern slavery or human trafficking. 

Signs of modern slavery or human trafficking

Physical Appearance – does the person show signs of physical or psychological abuse, look malnourished or unkempt, or appear withdrawn and neglected? Might they have untreated injuries?

Isolation – is the person rarely allowed to travel on their own, or do they seem under the control or influence of others? Do they rarely interact or appear unfamiliar with their neighbourhood or where they work? 

Poor living conditions – do they live in dirty, cramped or overcrowded accommodation, or live and work at the same address? 

Restricted freedom of movement – does the person have few personal possessions and always wear the same clothes day in day out? Perhaps the clothes they do wear may not be suitable for their work. They may have little opportunity to move freely.

Unusual travel times – are they dropped off or collected for work on a regular basis, either very early or late at night? 

Reluctant to seek help – do they avoid eye contact, appear frightened or hesitant to talk to strangers? There may be many reasons for this, such as not knowing who to trust or where to get help, fear of deportation, fear of violence to them or their family.

Victims of modern slavery may be of any age, gender or nationality. 

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