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Frequently asked questions weapons bins

We recieve questions regularly about our weapons bins and how they are used, and we have compiled a list of the most regularly asked questions and answers which will outline how the weapons bins are used.

What happens to weapons found in the bins?

The weapons bins are emptied regularly, and weapons are examined to see if they are forensically linked to any crimes. If a weapon has been found to have been used in crime, we would work to trace the owner who may face prosecution.

Why doesn’t my town have a weapons bin?

The locations of the weapons bins have been selected based on where we have seen an increase in serious youth violence and knife crime, using information from our community policing teams and from our Boson team, cross matched with intelligence.

Please help us continue to build intelligence about specific areas, and report any information about knife crime, anti-social behaviour or suspicious activity .

What would happen to someone who is stopped while walking to a weapons bin to dispose of their knife?

That person will need to prove that they are on the way to a weapons bin – for example a knife is wrapped up and secure this could show that the person actually is going to dispose of it, as opposed to someone who is found with a knife that is concealed in clothing. Officers would still stop and speak to them.

Just because the person is putting it in the bin doesn’t mean it won’t be sent off for an examination. If it’s found to have been used in crime then they will not be immune from prosecution just because they have surrendered it.

Can I dispose of my kitchen knives in the weapons bins?

Yes, you can dispose of kitchen knives in our weapons bins – please wrap them up in newspaper and ensure they are secure. Weapons bins are the most secure way to dispose of knives, and we’d rather you put them in there than they fell into the wrong hands.

How effective are the bins?

The bins are emptied on a regular basis, and when they are emptied we do recover a variety of weapons from the bins.

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