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About knife crime

Tackling knife crime is part of our aim to protect people and fight crime.

We’re urging people across the county to take action against knife crime – before it’s too late.

Find out how to speak out if you have concerns about knife crime, wise up on the law, and if you or someone you know is involved in knife crime, find out how to get help.

What counts as knife crime

‘Knife crime’ is simply any crime that involves a knife.

This includes:

  • carrying a knife or trying to buy one if you’re under 18
  • threatening someone with a knife
  • carrying a knife that is banned
  • a murder where the victim was stabbed with a knife
  • a robbery or burglary where the thieves carried a knife as a weapon

The consequences

Some young people say that they carry a knife for protection or to make them feel safer, even though they wouldn’t think of using it. However, research has shown that you’re actually more likely to become a victim of crime if you’re carrying a knife.

In some cases, teens have been injured or killed by someone else using the knife they were carrying.

Not only do you put yourself at risk of serious injury, or death, you could also face a £5,000 fine and four years in jail – even if you don’t use it.

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