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About honour based abuse

We aim to help those who may have experienced or think they might be at risk of being involved in honour based abuse or a forced marriage, as well as friends, relatives or teachers who may be worried about someone they know being at risk.

We take these issues very seriously and understand the sensitive nature surrounding forced marriages and honour based abuse.

If you contact us we will:

  • arrange to see you in a secure and private place
  • recognise and respect your wishes
  • ensure everything you speak to us about is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone
  • take action to protect you
  • provide you with support

Report abuse

Overseas and worried about being involved in a forced marriage?

  • Contact the Forced Marriage Unit (FMU)at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and tell a trusted friend or teacher the date when you are expected to return, a contact number, passport number and if possible your intended overseas address. You should ask that person to contact the police or FMU with the details if you do not return.
  • Try and keep your passport with you and keep or memorise emergency contact numbers for the High Commission of the country you are visiting, available on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website
  • If possible hide cash and a mobile phone to make emergency contact.

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