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What is gun crime law?

It is illegal for shops to sell imitation guns or air weapons to anyone under 18-years-old, or to sell realistic imitation guns to anyone.

By purchasing any of these items you will be committing an offense. Possessing a firearm, regardless of ownership, is also illegal and can result in a prison sentence

Things to know

For anyone carrying a gun, including those under 16, the consequences are tough.

  • It is illegal to carry a gun, even an imitation one.
  • If you are caught with a gun, regardless of whether you say it was for your own protection or you were carrying it for someone else, you will be arrested and prosecuted.
  • There's a minimum 5-year sentence for carrying a gun if you're over 18. If you're under 18, you could still go to prison.
  • Causing the death of someone with a gun carries a life sentence and you will serve a mandatory 30-year prison sentence.
  • If someone is injured or killed by a gun in your presence, even if you're not the one using it, you too could be prosecuted. You could be sent to prison for murder in what is referred to as ‘joint enterprise’.

Remember - the law is clear - if you choose to carry a weapon, you put your future in danger.

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