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Staying with your partner?


If you are staying with your partner:

  • seek professional advice and support from local support and outreach organisations, domestic abuse services and helplines
  • consider how agencies can make contact safely - such as through a work number or at a friend’s address
  • consider where you can quickly and easily use a telephone and who are safe people to contact – memorise a list of numbers for use in an emergency, such as friends, police, support organisations
  • consider a signal (such as a code word) with children, family, neighbours, friends or colleagues which will alert them to call the police if help is needed
  • think through escape routes in advance, avoiding rooms with no exit or with weapons in (bathroom or kitchen)
  • where possible try to put by some money for fares and other expenses
  • seek and obtain medical help for any injuries ensuring that they are recorded and if possible photographed ‒ these may be used at a later date to support court cases or rehousing applications
  • consider changing online passwords regularly, especially for social networking accounts – this may not be appropriate where the perpetrator regularly accesses your accounts as part of coercive control as it may escalate risk
  • avoid the use of satnavs and be aware that the perpetrator may monitor the your movements by checking the satnav history if not wiped. 

Where can I turn for support?

These agencies may be able to provide you with additional support, advice and information after leaving an abusive relationship.

247 Confidential national freephone helpline supported by Refuge and Women’s Aid. 

Providing free, fast and effective legal support to survivors of domestic abuse  

Freedom Programme

Helps women experiencing or who have experienced domestic abuse to make sense of what has happened 

Bedford 01234316801

Central 03003004360

Luton 01582 457114 

Help and support to women affected by drug/alcohol, domestic abuse, mental health and social care issues.

Provides guidance and information to anybody affected by harassment or stalking

You can also email for advice

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