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Speeding remains one of the most common causes of injuries and deaths on our roads.

We would urge members of the public to always drive to the conditions of the road and remember, the limit is not a target. Driving over the limit not only increases the chance of an accident but also the severity of the consequences.

Speeding penalties, that involve the magistrates’ court, are categorised into three main bands and vary depending on your weekly income and how fast you’re driving at the time of the offence. The table below details more information.

Speed limits
Speed limit (mph)Recorded speed (mph)Recorded speed (mph)Recorded speed (mph)
20 41 and above 31 to 40 21 to 30
30 51 and above 41 to 50 31 to 40
40 66 and above 56 to 65 41 to 55
50 76 and above 66 to 75 51 to 65
60 91 and above 81 to 90 61 to 80
70 101 and above 91 to 100 71 to 90
Sentencing rangeBand C fine(125 to 175% of relevant weekly income)Band B fine(75 to 125% of relevant weekly income)Band A fine(25 to 75% of relevant weekly income)
Points/disqualification Disqualification from driving for seven to 56 days or six points Disqualification from driving for seven to 28 days or four to six points Three points

In circumstances where an individual is excessively driving over the speed limit, the court may choose to disqualify the driver for more than the 56 day period labelled in the table above.

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