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Speed awareness courses

We are now offering drivers caught speeding the opportunity to attend a “Speed Awareness” training course as an alternative to a fine and penalty points on their driving licence or attending court.

This is part of the Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership’s strategy to reduce the number of people killed and injured in road traffic collisions as a result of inappropriate driving speed.

The half-day course follows a nationally-approved syllabus run by DriveTech (UK) Ltd and is delivered by specially selected approved driving instructors.  Courses are held across the county.

People who take part in the Speed Awareness courses will help drivers recognise why they speed; identify the speed limits on different roads; drive at an appropriate speed for the conditions; understand the consequences of misusing speed and develop a personal strategy to avoid future lapses.

Drivers will pay £90 including VAT to attend the course which covers the cost of administering and delivering the scheme.

Speed awareness courses will only be available to drivers who meet certain eligibility criteria**. It will not be offered to drivers who exceed the speed limit excessively, or those who have attended a national Speed Awareness workshop within the last three years (from the date of the offence).

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