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Camera calibration

All speed or red light enforcement camera equipment used by the Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership has been approved for use for enforcement by the Home Office and the manufacturers have obtained Home Office Type Approval for the detection equipment.

The Type Approval procedure is lengthy and it can take a manufacturer a number of years to develop a camera detection system to a point where it can satisfy the Home Office Scientific Branch of its efficiency and accuracy. The system has to be robust and reliable, so that it can be used efficiently by enforcement agencies.
It would be impracticable for enforcement agencies to send the device back to the manufacturers for checking and calibration every week, for example, and, therefore, it has been designed to be reliable and tamper proof and have the ability to be self-checking. Calibration of speed detection equipment is checked annually by the manufacturer.
All systems carry out a self-diagnostic check prior to every incidence of use and will remain completely inoperable should a problem be found.
Speed cameras are calibrated on first delivery to the partnership, and a calibration certificate accompanies every new device. The certificate shows the date of the calibration. Any technical data request should be made to the manufacturers. Details of the calibration procedure on any particular camera are held only by the manufacturers.

Some systems also require the fixed camera sites to be calibrated. The calibration of camera sites is performed annually by the manufacturers, and a certificate of the calibration of the site is also issued. Camera sites are part of the whole speed enforcement system and are developed by the manufacturer with the camera that accompanies that system.
This Partnership currently uses a range of Home Office type approved cameras: (The list below is not meant to be definitive and may change at any time)


The calibration of all sites and cameras is carried out as the Type Approval procedure demands. We will only use cameras that have a valid calibration certificate for speed or red-light enforcement.

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