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Property marking

Property marking by itself cannot prevent a theft from happening but it can act as a deterrent to most thieves.

Not only that but in many cases if the property is not marked, the police cannot not identify the rightful owner.  Because of this, it makes it very difficult for the police to prove the item was stolen in the first place. A frustrating situation, as you can imagine ... but there is a simple solution.

Engraving or Etching

This method is suitable for many hard surfaces and can be done using an electric engraving tool or a hand engraver.  It leaves a visible and permanent mark and is most suitable for items such as bikes, garden equipment and tools.  These marking kits can be found in most DIY stores, hobby stores and cycle dealers.

Ultraviolet Marking

UV pens put an invisible mark on your property which can only be seen by using a UV lamp.  Use UV marking when other methods could reduce the value and aesthetic of the object.  Remember, however, that with some marker pens the ink can fade with age - especially when exposed to sunlight - and can be washed off so it will need to be renewed regularly.

DNA Technology

There are products on the market now that use DNA technology.  This means each kit issued has a unique identifying code embedded in it.

Once you have bought a kit, you mark all your property and register your details and property marked with the supplier.  These products are usually combined with UV substances so that the police can find it and connect the property with an offender.

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