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Lost and found property

Found property handed in to the police

Property that is handed in at a police station is recorded on our property system.

In some cases such as when cash is handed in, you will be asked if you wish to claim it should the loser not be identified or have not reported / collected the loss.

If you do wish to claim the property, you will be asked to provide your name and contact details, which are recorded on the system and you are given a reference number.  You will be asked to make contact after 28 days has passed to ask if the loser has been identified or if you are able to claim the money.

Found property retained by the finder

In some cases, such as when a bicycle is found, you may be asked to look after the property. If this is the case, you will be asked to provide your name and contact details and your permission will be sought to pass your details on to the loser if they are found.  If you do not wish your details to be passed, you will be given the loser’s contact details and asked to make contact with them to arrange for the property to be re-united with them.

Finding your lost item

If you have lost something, you can contact your nearest police station to check if your lost item has been handed in to us.  Alternatively, you can  report your lost item online

Finding a personal document

If you find a personal document such as a passport or driving license, we advise you to take it to your nearest police station. Officers will liaise with the Passport Office, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to cancel the documents so that they can’t be used fraudulently.

Lost passports or identification

If you have lost your UK passport either in the UK or abroad, you should report this to GOV.UKas soon as possible.

Lost foreign passports and identification must be reported in person at a police stationrather than over the phone.

Belongings with serial numbers

Certain items have a unique serial number, such as a mobile phone, laptop or bicycle. You can register your serial numbers for free onlinewith Immobilise.

Registering your valued possessions online with Immobilise records the item information so if you were to lose it, you can easily report it as lost or missing. As immobilise is a national property record, all registered items are searchable by the police to help us reunite owners with their lost, stolen or found items.

Lost and found animals

We are unable to help with lost or found animals.

If you have lost or have found an animal or pet, please contact your local council, animal rescue centre or vet.

There is a national lost and found animals websitethat you can add a found animal or search for your lost animal. You can also register your lost or stolen dog with Dog Lost.

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