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Keep safe scheme


 Bedfordshire Police and Luton Borough Council are running the ‘Keep Safe’ scheme  in partnership with the learning disability charity Herts People First.


The scheme supports people with learning disabilities to keep safe and get help in an emergency when out and about in Bedfordshire.

If a business signs up, they receive an information pack which contains bright orange ‘Keep Safe’
stickers for them to display.

The stickers signal that the business will support people with learning disabilities by providing them with a place to make a phone call to speak to a parent, support worker or the emergency services if they feel unsafe, are lost or witness an incident.

Once a person with a learning disability has recognised the orange Keep Safe sticker, they will show their Keep Safe card or key ring - where they can also store an emergency contact phone number – or small sticker which can be kept on a mobile phone or personal contact card, to a member of staff.

The scheme has been rolled out to businesses in Luton Town Centre, with the aim of expanding throughout the county in the near future.

How can I sign up to Keep Safe?

If you are a local business and would like to sign up to the scheme, or if you have a learning disability and would like a Keep Safe card or keyring to show you are part of the scheme, please email.

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