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Safer Internet Day 2020

We are joining in with other police forces, schools, charities and businesses around the globe to support Safer Internet Day 2020.

Each year the event runs under a different theme and this year’s theme is ‘Free to be me’. This encourages young people to explore their identity online and how the internet shapes the way that they think of themselves and others.

Our force is encouraging parents to have a conversation with their children about how they use the internet for entertainment, communicating with their friends, and education.

First and foremost; trust your child.  Make sure that they know they can speak to you; about any worries, or concerns they may have using the internet.  Have an open conversation about their online activity, and discuss their likes, and games they play.

Speak to your children about using passwords that are not real words and urge them not to share them with anyone apart from you.

Remember, it is good for your child to be themselves online, but encourage them to try not to share too much information; like their full name, age, address, and where they go to school.

There are some people who may use this information to cause you child distress.  Encourage a feeling of security and trust.

Your child should embrace the internet as a great tool and that is now a part of our everyday life, but remember they can follow some basic safety advice to make sure they won’t become a victim of online crime.

  • Create strong passwords that include numbers and special characters without being real words; and never use your pet’s name!
  • Do not share photos with anyone you don’t really know.
  • Discuss any concerns with your parents.
  • Stick to people you know in real life.

Sean O’Neil
Cyber Security Advisor

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