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Operation Sentinel Rural Week of Action

Throughout the coming week we will be focusing on crime that affects rural communities of Bedfordshire. Our county is vastly diverse having two large towns facing urban crime issues, but it also has large rural areas. Policing of the rural areas can be significantly different from policing towns like Luton or Bedford. 

There is a number of crimes that can only affect farmers and people living outside of the urban areas. Those include hare coursing, sheep worrying and poaching. Additionally the ‘victims’ of certain crimes are animal species protected by law.

Operation Sentinel Rural is a team made up of officers who are knowledgeable and passionate about the welfare of rural communities and animals.

They are dedicated to building strong relationships with farmers and land owners to support them when they are being a victim of hare coursing, fly tipping, or when their land is used for unauthorised encampments.

Additionally the team is investigating wildlife crime in which protected species are being targeted either for cruel sports, being caught in illegal traps by poachers or for profit by collectors. Once a protected species disappears from their natural habitat it is difficult to reintroduce it back to the ecosystem.

It is incredibly important to protect the natural heritage of English countryside and there are a number of laws in place protecting animals in our county.

We are encouraging people to remember that although some of the crimes are out of the public eye and happen in areas less populated, they can have extremely negative impact on our communities.

Hare coursing and sheep worrying can cause immense financial loss to farmers because of loss of livestock and criminal damage to the property or the crops.

We would like to encourage all of Bedfordshire residents to see what there is to do in their rural neighbourhoods. Why not spend a day with your family to appreciate our beautiful countryside and see how you can support our rural communities.

Operation Sentinel Rural
Sergeant Stuart Grant


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