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Don't let thieves steal Christmas

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to get a great deal on Christmas presents, but opportunist thieves see the festive period as the perfect time of year to strike.

This time of year we often see an increase in burglaries and thefts from motor vehicles, so whilst
our officers are doing additional patrols, we are reminding people of how to keep their property safe.

Hide those gifts

When you’re stocking up on Christmas presents, avoid placing them under the tree until nearer Christmas. Would-be offenders often look for homes with presents on show, so we advise you to keep any valuables out of sight from windows, and keep them hidden away.

This also applies to leaving presents and valuables in your car overnight. Try to avoid this wherever possible, but if you need to, make sure there isn’t anything on display and your vehicle is secured.

Shop with trusted retailers

If a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is. This time of year is expensive for most people and the desire for a cheap deal is tempting.

If you are offered something that is well below the usual retail price, it could be stolen or counterfeit. Handling stolen or counterfeit goods is illegal, so ensure that you always use trusted retailers.


If you spot someone behaving suspiciously, contact the police via 101 immediately. In an emergency or if a crime is in progress always call 999.

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