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Due to unprecedented demand and unforeseen staffing issues, people calling 101 are experiencing longer waiting times than normal. Please report non-emergencies to us via our webchat and online reporting tool, but always call 999 in an emergency.

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Tackling Nuisance Bikes

Operation Meteor is the force’s response to the issue of anti-social riding, nuisance bikes and related criminality.

As the days are getting longer and warmer, we are preparing ourselves for the increase of nuisance biking offences. This operation consists of regular ride outs of trained officers and police volunteers on off-road bikes, which allows them to crack down on bikers trespassing and causing nuisance in our communities.

The team is specially trained to identify and target offenders who use their vehicles in an anti-social and dangerous manner.

The officers who are on the Operation Meteor deployment respond to the 101 and 999 calls from the public, with high-visibility patrols aiming to deter potential offenders.

Our tactics are based on information from the public. It is very important to report all sightings of nuisance bikers, as the information is crucial in building a better intelligence picture of this kind of criminality in our county.

All details like the colour of the bikes, clothing, helmets if they are wearing any, and any other special markers are all important to the officers.

Apart from disruption, the team also has a number of tactics they can use to target the offenders.

One of the techniques used by the officers is a stinger deployment. Stinger is a device which pierces the tyres of the vehicle and causes it to stop.

If the vehicle is being used in an anti-social manner, we have a right to seize it and crush it.

For all the bikes enthusiasts out there, we would like to reassure you that there are ways of riding your bike off-road fully legally.

Make sure that your vehicle has a valid MOT and you have paid your tax and insurance.  You need to hold a driving license for your bike.

You can use your vehicle on Byways Open to All Traffic (BOAT) and you can find locations on your council’s website:

Some of the BOATs are only open during certain seasons or certain times, so make sure that you familiarise yourself with the restrictions before visiting the location. 

You can also attend organised events, which are an amazing opportunity to find people with similar interests and enjoy your hobby in a safe environment and with health professionals available in case of an incident.

Sergeant Barry Smith

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