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Alcohol and nights out

During the festive period we know that many people will be out in our town centres enjoying a few drinks and celebrating New Year. We want people to have an enjoyable, and safe, night out.

During the festive period we traditionally see an increase in violent incidents in the evenings, usually as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is not an excuse for violent behaviour and the force is urging people to drink responsibly, particularly asking people not to drink too much before they go out, and drink plenty of water throughout the night.

Each year we see people wake up on New Years Day morning in a prison cell, or in hospital, as a direct result of their alcohol-fuelled behaviour. Not only does it ruin their New Year, but also that of their family and friends.

Consider how you would rather spend your New Year: would you prefer to be surrounded by your friends and family, or sat alone in a cell knowing that you’ve destroyed the celebrations of those closest to you? Know your limits, and stick within them.

Tips for a safe and fun night out

  • don't be tempted to pre-load too much - you might be saving money but it could lead to you getting drunk quicker than you planned
  • if you are drinking at home, measure your drinks out carefully so you know how much you've had
  • make sure you eat a big meal before you start drinking - this allows the alcohol to be absorbed more slowly
  • space your alcoholic drinks out with a soft drink or water
  • don't feel pressured in to keeping up with friends, know your own limits and stick to them
  • if someone is aggressive or threatening towards you, walk away and report it 

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