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Community Stop Search Scrutiny Panel - Minutes September 2019

Title of meeting: Bedfordshire Community Stop Search Scrutiny Panel
Date: Thursday 12 September 2019
Time: 6.15pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Youthscape, Bute Street, Luton, Beds

Attendees: Montell Neufville, Clare Kelly, Steve Mosley, David Boyle, Hob Hoque, Martin White, Peju Akintomide,Ibrahim Eid, Simoin Philbert, Hayley Miller, Howard McCalla, Omar Rafiq, Timothy Mason, David Michael, Clive Vassell, Annabelle Vassell, Shaidah Ali, Sandra Popoola OBE, Karanjit Sanghera, Phil McCarthy

Apologies: Kathryn Holloway, Andy Watts

Welcome, Introductions, apologies

The Chair, Montell Neufville, welcomed the group and apologies were made. Montell explained to the new members of the panel what this meeting entailed and their role within in. All attendees signed the Confidentiality Agreement after its purpose was explained to them.

Clare Kelly, Chief executive to the OPCC added comments to the purpose of the panel and how valuable this is.

Minutes of last meeting, matters arising and action points

Minutes from the last meeting were agreed, there were no action points.

Chairs Update

Montell explained that the purpose of the Stop Search Scrutiny Panel, especially around disproportionality of stop and searches. Montell highlighted the high diversity of the group and how crucial this fact is to providing a community voice surrounding the use of stop and search.

Montell, Chief Inspector Hob Hoque and Sergeant Steve Mosley all provided comment on the recent National Conference hosted by Bedfordshire Police earlier in the month.

Highlighted comments: 30 Forces attended.

5 External organisation’s

Conference objective was to share Best Practice amongst Force’s and organisations.

Panel members observations were also noted :

Disappointed around the diversity of the attendees.

Took a positive view of where Beds Police were with Stop and Search scrutiny panels

Disappointed that there were no representatives from the Metropolitan Police.

Overall a positive conference with the opportunity to develop an National Hub and close

Form 642, Revised January 2016

working with the College of Policing to establish this further.

Clare Kelly re-emphasised that this clearly shows the value and need of communities to be involved in this area of scrutiny.

Vice Chairs Update and role Requirement

Montel explained that Kimberley Lamb had moved onto an exciting project called Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit and there was a need to backfill her role.

Clare Kelly explained the role of the VERU – Home office funded programme to address Violence across the County.

Clare appealed for volunteers from the group to be the new Vice Chair, and highlighted the additional function from a panel members included researching the stop and search footage with Community Cohesion team that the Panel would scrutinise.

Any interested party can email Montel for further details. A vote will take place if more than one candidate applies.

Montel, Clare and David Boyle formally congratulated Kimberley on this venture and thanked her in her absence for the work she did on the Stop and Search scrutiny panel

Action: Formal letter of thanks to be written by Montel and David Boyle

Police Stop and Search and Section 60 Update

Steve Mosley outlined the stop and search powers under S60 and the recent trial of the change reducing the level of authority to grant this use in anticipation of serious violence from an Executive ranked officer. Bedfordshire Police use of S60 is very sparse – last time it was used was in 2016. Steve stated Bedfordshire Police will not be changing the authorisation level of an Assistant Chief Constable or above to permit S.60 Stop and Search.

The role of the SS panel is to ensure that stops are carried out fairly and effectively using GOWISELY. Further monitoring can be done through BWV and TuServ. It is essential that data and demographics are available for the panel to view.

Training for both the panel and officers is done from both a national and local level.

Overall the Panel acts as the Forces critical friend which is independent and has the views of the local community.

Stop search video 1 footage ref: ss/2255609259/45

Feedback: Marked as GREEN and Advice to the Officer

  • GOWISELY was followed
  • Police Jargon – IC3 was used
  • Slow down on the delivery, but speed up on the action
  • Lack of authority shown by officers.

Stop search video 2 footage ref: ss/0187263487/13

Feedback: Marked as Amber (with an advisory to the officer)

  • The panel were not clear if GOWISELY was followed – officer to be advised this must be used in full
  • Personal needs of detained person were taken care of
  • Officer not in uniform but good interaction, did not show warrant card on video.
  • De-escalated the situation between detained person and officer well

Stop and Search Sub Group – Use of Force

Montell outline the sub group work into Use of Force and how this will also work alongside Stop and Search scrutiny panel. Encouraged panel members to join this sub-group with a view to scrutinising officer’s use of force. Montell outlined the need to be vetted as the panel members will be seeing sensitive videos.

Item 9 – A break

Stop and Search figures for Bedfordshire; Disproportionality figures, & Positive Outcome figures

The below figures were presented to the panel and discussed by the group.

Montell commented that the total number of stop searches was the highest for some time and the positive outcome record is the lowest in recent history

The group further discussed disproportionality rates.

Update on National Stop & search issues Ride along scheme,

Montell explained the Ride along Scheme and how members of the public can contact us and we can arrange for them to join an officer on a shift to see first-hand what they deal with on a daily basis.

Complaints & Professional Standards


Discussion concerning the entitlement for a copy or receipt for the stop and search form as this is now electronic.

Group discussed the issue of mobile printers in police cars to allow people to have a timely record.

Ask individuals if they actually want a copy of the form.

Further work is required in this area

Stop search video 3: ss/3667078574/20

Feedback: Marked as Green and Advisory to officer.

  • GOWISELY was provided following officers explanation of the reason for initially stopping him – (Moving Traffic Offence)
  • No reaction from the officer when told he is being recorded.
  • Panel thought officer could be less clinical in his approach.
  • Great example of how to do a good, efficient Stop Search and keep control.

Membership Update & Invitation to join sub group

A reminder was passed to all in attendance that the sub-group coordinated by Montel was looking for membership in order to review video footage on a monthly basis, interested parties were asked to make contact with the chairs to facilitate.

Reminder if you have been to two panel meetings you will need to be vetted to continue. If you would like a form please email:


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