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Community Stop Search Scrutiny Panel - Minutes March 2019

Title of meeting: Bedfordshire Community Stop Search Scrutiny Panel
Date: Thursday 7 March 2019
Time: 6.15pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Youthscape 74 Bute St Luton

Attendees: Montell Neufville, Kathryn Holloway, Clare Kelly, Steve Mosley, Sally Wright, John Killick, Kauransit Sangheca, Muhammad Shabaaz Vddllv, Haleema Ali, Shahzia Chaudharh, Shaidah Ali, Jordelle Bennett, Hayley Miller, Kelley McDonnell, A.D. Watts, Callum Tipple, Matt Allen

Apologies: Kimberley Lamb, Sam Nikki Fox, Andre Peterkin, Kelly Sholagabade, Katie Nicolas, Ibrahim Eid, Carl Belle, Myrna Loy, Julia Imman, Peju Akintomide, Bipin Raja, François Julian

Welcome, Introductions, apologies.

The Chair, Montell Neufville, welcomed the group and apologies were made. Montell explained to the new members of the panel what this meeting entailed and their role within in. All attendees signed the Confidentiality Agreement after its purpose was explained to them.

Minutes of last meeting, matters arising and action points

The minutes from the last meeting were approved and the actions updated as below:

Action: SM to provide feedback to panel regarding the length of time SS receipts would be retained by police following the introduction of TuServ. SM updated that the duration was governed by information standards and as such would vary depending on the level of offence involved, group members were concerned that if data was held for a significant time in the event of a no further action disposal this was not proportionate however SM clarified that the retention of this information could be used if any future complaint regarding the SS was made and therefore it was necessary to retain information as governed by Management of Police Information guidelines.

Action: time line on when the data will be ready – Chief Superintendent Boyle to follow up SM updated that data was ready and will be delivered to the group later in the meeting.

Action: A report re the ride along to be presented at the next panel meeting SM updated that the ride along scheme has since been handed back to customer services to manage and they had not yet had the chance to compile a report, this has been requested and is to be delivered at the next meeting.

Action: Chair requests a separate meeting to go through the data with Vice Chairs, Data analyst and Inspector SM updated that this meeting had taken place and that data was now ready for presentation. MN passed comment that this was a productive meeting and was satisfied that progress was being made in this area.

Chairs Update

Montell said he had spoken to a variety of people that has been on a ride along and had given very positive feedback. There was concern that this positive feedback was not being passed on to the officers and was almost being hidden from the public domain. Clare Kelly, Chief of Staff to Police Crime Commissioner, explained this was not intentional and other avenues will be looked at to publicise these.

ACTION: Clare Kelly to look at what social media platforms can be used to share ride along/stop and search feedback.

Montelll explained to the panel that once you have attended 2 meetings and wish to keep attending then you will need to be vetted.

Vice Chairs Update feedback from station visits

Due to a change of staffing limited station visits had taken place since the previous meeting in December and as such no update was delivered, these will be reinstated moving forward.

Role of the panel, Reasonable grounds and GOWISELY

The role of the SS panel is to ensure that stops are carried out fairly and effectively using GOWISELY. Further monitoring can be done through BWV and TuServ. It is essential that data and demographics are available for the panel to view.

Training for both the panel and officers is done from both a national and local level.

Overall the Panel provides the Force with a critical friend which is independent and has the views of the local community.

Stop search video 1 footage ref: 2216570869/10 Green


  • GOWISELY was followed

  • Female officer was very professional. However, it was discussed that it was a female officer searching a male when there were male officers present. Despite the good rapport that had been developed, the guidance is that a same sex officer should carry out the search unless there is not one present or it is urgent.

  • Agreed it is a green with advice to the officer that a same sex officer should carry out the search

Stop search video 2 SS/0671806912/1 Amber


  • Cannot confirm that GOWISELY was followed or not as the body worn video (BWV) was switched on too late so unsure if the legal powers were explained.

  • Positive feedback for the officer as he asked the individual if he would like to go elsewhere for the search as he was clearly embarrassed.

SM will deliver the feedback with the advice that officers need to get in the mindset of

switching their BWV as soon as they interact with the public as this is used as evidence.

Issues from the community incl comments and concerns. Relating to stop and search

No community issues raised

Stop and Search figures for Bedfordshire; Disproportionality figures, & Positive

Outcome figures

Update on National Stop & search issues Ride along scheme, Road Traffic Act & Any Section 60 Issues

Ch Insp Hob Hoque sent his apologies however SM passed that no S.60 searches had been instigated in the past quarter and that the customer services team had been tasked with compiling a report into ride along visits prior to the next meeting.

Complaints & Professional Standards

No stop and search complaints had been received by the force in this quarter

Stop search video 3 SS/3848467885/10 Amber


  • There was intelligence to suggest that the two males were the suspects. The stop and search should have been carried out straight away.
  • They should have been handcuffed for both the suspects and officers safety.
  • Once the stop and search began then GOWISELY was followed (until one suspect ran away

Stop search video 4

Due to time restraints only 3 videos were shown

Membership Update & Invitation to join sub group

A reminder was passed to all in attendance that the sub-group coordinated by Kimberley Lamb was looking for membership in order to review video footage on a monthly basis, interested parties were asked to make contact with the chairs to facilitate.

Reminder if you have been to two panel meetings you will need to be vetted to continue. If you would like a form please email:

AOB & Travel expenses for out of town travel


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