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Community Stop Search Scrutiny Panel - Minutes June 2019

Title of meeting: Bedfordshire Community Stop Search Scrutiny Panel
Date: Thursday 6 June 2019
Time: 6.15pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre, Bedfordshire Police HQ, Woburn Road, Kempston

Attendees: Montell Neufville, Clare Kelly, Steve Mosley, Sally Wright, Joseph Miller, Adeel Bashir, Francoise Julian, Muhammad Shabaaz Uddin, Montie Fraser, Ciaran O’Brien, Phil McCarthy, L. Parkinson, Veronica Ebanks, Harvey Silven. Simon Philbert, Istuan Balint, Rebecca Fensome, Kelly McDonnell. Chief Insp Hob Hoque, Sgt Steve Mosley, PC Kauranjit Sanghera,

Apologies: Shaidah Ali, Usman Ahmed, Maddy Hill, Myrna Loy, Peju, Florentine Kostontinas ,Kathryn Holloway, Hayley Miller, Kelly Sholgagbade, Haleema Ali, Andy Watts. Joanne Stringer

Welcome, Introductions, apologies

The Chair, Montell Neufville, welcomed the group and apologies were made. Montell explained to the new members of the panel what this meeting entailed and their role within in. All attendees signed the Confidentiality Agreement after its purpose was explained to them.

Minutes of last meeting, matters arising and action points

Minutes from the last meeting were agreed, there were no action points.

Chairs Update

Montell explained that the vetting process has been changed. If members of the public come to the Stop Search Scrutiny Panel then they do not need to be vetted. However if they volunteer to join the panels sub group (explained below in the Vice Chair Update) then they will need to be vetted.

Montell, Chief Inspector Hob Hoque and Sergeant Steve Mosley are at the early stages of planning a National Stop Search event, whereby Bedfordshire would host this and forces/partners from across the country would be invited to share best practice. Further details of this will be provided at the next Scrutiny Panel.

Vice Chairs Update feedback from station visits

Vice Chair Kimberley Lamb provided an update on the role of the sub group and how they view dip samples of body warn videos. The sub group meet once a month, they try and vary where they meet and at what time of day they meet. Kimberley said that any of the panel were able to join if they would be available to attend for 2 hours on the specified day and were fully vetted. Kimberley reiterated that the sub group is not influenced by officers to look at any particular video, this is done on a completely random selection. All feedback is logged on a spreadsheet but this is not used to influence the Scrutiny Panel group when they are shown the video. Kimberley said that she is seeing a lot of green Stop and Searches. She has concerns over some of the Amber searches and if Supervisors are feeding back. There is a concern that in some cases officers are not switching on their Body Worn Video at the beginning of a Stop and Search so we are not getting the full picture. This cannot happen as it is not a fair assessment. Clare Kelly advised Kimberley that we are soon moving to Cloud Base where this will happen automatically

Role of the panel, Reasonable grounds and GOWISELY

The role of the SS panel is to ensure that stops are carried out fairly and effectively using GOWISELY. Further monitoring can be done through BWV and TuServ. It is essential that data and demographics are available for the panel to view.

Training for both the panel and officers is done from both a national and local level.

Overall the Panel acts as the Forces critical friend which is independent and has the views of the local community.

Stop search video 1 footage ref: (Steve can you please input the reference)

Feedback: Marked as Amber (with retraining)

  • GOWISELY was not followed as the Officer did not identify himself, no mention of form or legislation
  • The male being searched was treated as if he was guilty
  • Over aggressive with the taser pointing at him (not engaged). It was explained these were firearms officers and after a risk assessment the situation did not constitute a full firearm deployment

Stop search video 2 footage ref: (Steve can you please input the reference)

Feedback: Marked as Amber (with a supervisors conversation)

  • GOWISELY was not followed. Only the grounds were given.
  • Concerns over professionalism of the officers as they appeared to be mocking and disrespectful of the suspect.
  • It was a disjointed approach
  • There should have been an arrest as soon as the knife was found.

Issues from the community incl comments and concerns. Relating to stop and search

Kimberley Lamb said that two faith houses within the County have reached out and said they had concerns over young people that go to them are becoming involved in criminality. This was seen as a positive move forward that they have contacted us to ask for support in handling these concerns.

Stop and Search figures for Bedfordshire; Disproportionality figures, & Positive Outcome figures

  • Presentation was explained to the group.

  • Over the course of the last twelve months there has been just under 2,300 stop searches with a positive outcome rate of 25%. A positive outcome is when an item is found on the individual being searched and results in a police outcome: an arrest, street caution or public notice of disorder etc

  • Just under 74% has been no further action and Just under 10% being arrest rates.

  • We are in line with National figure although the figures have risen this month so will need monitoring.

  • We do not have the male/female split for these figures.

  • Steve Mosely will be looking into the race figures as although we are performing well on a National level, he is not satisfied with this figures for Bedfordshire.

  • The Majority of Stop Searches are on people between the ages of 18-24 years old. This appears to be a National trend.

  • The majority of Stop Searches are taken place between 3pm and 12am.

  • 61% are in relation to drugs. This is the highest figure for a long time, there is some concern over this.

  • Positive outcome by the way of ethnicity; Black/black British 29%; Chinese 29%; Mixed race 29%; and White 28%. This covers the last 12 months and appears fairly even. There were some concerns raised over how these are marked on the system and how the officer inputting the data. Therefore, these may not be accurate as an officer could be assuming the persons ethnicity.

Update on National Stop & search issues Ride along scheme, Road Traffic Act & Any Section 60 Issues

Montell explained the Ride along Scheme and how members of the public can contact us and we can arrange for them to join an officer on a shift to see first-hand what they deal with on a daily basis.

Complaints & Professional Standards


Stop search video 3 (Steve can you please input the reference)

Feedback: Marked as Green

  • GOWISELY was followed
  • A controlled and well managed situation where the officer remained calm throughout the entire process.
  • The officer Set the right expectations for the suspect so he was aware what was happening and why.
  • Great example of how to do a good, efficient Stop Search and keep control.

Membership Update & Invitation to join sub group

A reminder was passed to all in attendance that the sub-group coordinated by Kimberley Lamb was looking for membership in order to review video footage on a monthly basis, interested parties were asked to make contact with the chairs to facilitate.

Reminder if you have been to two panel meetings you will need to be vetted to continue. If you would like a form please email: Stopandsearchscrutinypanel

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