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Community Stop Search Scrutiny Panel - Minutes February 2021

Date: Thursday 25 February 2021

Time: 6pm to 9.15pm

Venue: Microsoft Teams

Attendees: Chair Montell Neufville (MN) Vice Chair Martin White (MW) Vice Chair Hina Shafi (HS) Lauren Bell (LB) Loveness Bishi (LB) Kelly Sholagbade (KS) Myrna Loy (ML) Phil Dickson-Earle (PDE) Marcella (M) Chandler Steven (Inspection Lead for HMICFRS) (CS) James Turner (JT) Lorell Scott (LS) Elaine Keen (EK) Gwin Masaka (GM) Howard McCalla (HM

Also In attendance:
PCC Office: CE. Clare Kelly (CK) Zoe-Jade Fraser, (ZF). Beds Police: Deputy Chief Constable Trevor Rodenhurst (DCC) A/Sgt Vic Sanghera (VS) Chief Staff Officer. Chief Insp. Rachael Glendenning (RG) Staff Officer to DCC, Sophia Bartlett (SB

Welcome, introductions & apologies

The Chair, Montell Neufville (MN) welcomed everyone and introduced himself to new members and apologies were made. 

The panel then introduced themselves. 

The Police members who came to observe the Stop & Search (S&S) panel then introduced themselves.


MN explained the importance of confidentiality. 

MN mentioned that everyone on the call has signed the confidentiality agreement so we can begin. 

Minutes of last meeting, matters arising and action points  

MN went through the minutes and the actions from the last meeting one by one. 

KS confirmed that feedback was given to the officers from the videos at the last meeting. The one which was sent off to PSD has also been fed back as well. 

Completed actions from last meeting:

Action 4 - IT to reinforce to officers the policy of BWV and also for supervisors to complete BWV checks on their staff

VS confirmed on IT behalf that a campaign across Bedfordshire was launch in September 2020 reminding officers to make best use of BWV. 

Action 5 - CK and IT to go back to the Force to restart receiving this data for the panel (BWV use data)

VS said (on behalf of IT) this issue of BWV has been that since the recording of S&S moved to the TuServ digital platform, the collation of whether a stop and search was recorded or not has not formed part of the data set. As such, we couldn’t provide you with an accurate figure of the compliance rate. A digital change was submitted last year, which will see a mandatory question that requires an officer to confirm whether the BWV has been utilised or not. This change should roll out at the end of February 2021. 

Action 7 - CK / IT - COVID-19 FPN - to drill down into the data received and understand in detail these figures for more accurate assessment.

Related to action 4.

Action 8 - IT to send out communications regarding this as way of reinforcement.

Related to action 4.

Action 9 - VS to attach the Terms of Reference (TOR) to the Minutes when sending out to all members

MN explained that they look at the TOR every year to make sure they are still fit for purpose. MN, CK and VS met to discuss. 

MN advised three changes were made to the TOR.

  • One was with regards to being able to do the panel virtually.
  • The second was to do with formal vetting. This is no longer required.
  • The third was to confirm that the Vice Chair no longer needs to be elected. They come with the Chair

Action 10 - ALL – read through the Terms of Reference  and report back with any suggestions/ideas of what needs to be added. Please send all suggestions/notes to the Stop and Search email address within one month of this meeting.


Action 11 - C, VC, IT and CK will meet in one months’ time to discuss and take on comments and create an updated version of the TOR.


Action 12 - MN has requested that IT includes the Arrest Rates on the Summary Page.


Action 13 - IT to look into spike in Stop and Searches in January 2020. 

VS (on behalf of IT) said, IT spoke to BOSON unit, the spike was due to a serious youth violence operation called Op Velar. 

Minutes were agreed and signed off for last meeting.

Nomination / election of Chair / Vice Chair 

MN offers anyone the opportunity to stand for Chair of Vice Chairs of the panel. 

MN explained that this opportunity comes up every year. MN explains the support the Chair and Vice Chair will receive if they were to be in post.

MN acknowledged the work and support the Chair and the Panel received from the Chief Executive of the PCC's office who attends every meeting plus the work she did outside of meetings. MN also acknowledged the support the panel received from the force executive led by CC Garry Forsyth and DCC Trevor Rodenhurst 

MN also will provide a toolkit to anyone who would be interested in putting their name forward.

MN offers anyone to stand for chair. No-one came forward.

MN asked AW if he would like to remain as Vice Chair. AW says yes.

MN offers to carry on as Stand in Chair. 

CK thanked MN and AW for the work they do for the panel. 

Report back from BWV Sub group - outcomes 

KS spoke through the outcomes from the BWV Sub Group. 

The sub panel have viewed 9 S&S videos in total since last S&S panel meeting.

Video grades from panel:

  • 7 – Green
  • 1 (A4) – Amber
  • 1 (R7) – Red and referred to PSD 

Report back from Use of Force Sub Group 

KS explained the UOF group has had 1 session since the last S&S panel meeting. 

KS explained how the UOF rate videos and the process. 

  • 3 BW videos were watched
  • 2 – Green
  • 1 – Amber 

The Amber has not been fed back yet, but this is only down to not working the same patterns as the officer. The feedback was due to take place in the next two days.  

MW explains the Traffic Light system before panel watched the videos.

BW Video 1 

KS played video 1

KS read the report from the officer first.

Feedback received:

  • Reasonable grounds were there. Intelligence was received prior. Plus the person was caught trying to get in. it is noted he owned the garage.
  • Use of handcuffs came about quickly with no explanation.
  • Detainee was compliant.
  • Handcuffs were left on too long.
  • Only heard half of GO WISELY – no identification and no mention of what they were looking for. Therefore this was not in line with the code of practice. 

Result - Red 7 

To note: Panel experienced technical difficulties watching this video.

BW Video 2 

KS played video 2

KS read the report from the officer first.

Feedback received:

  • One panel member queried if the male stopped was part of the ‘group’ that the officers had intel on and made the point that it wasn’t clear to the panel if he was.
  • Because there was intel that a weapon could be on someone from the group, the handcuffs could have been necessary. (Although it was noted that the weapon they were looking for could not have been in the possession of the detained person)
  • Officer did explain why the handcuffs were going on and did take them off quite quickly.
  • The officer said that the male HAD to give his details in order to receive information on the stop and search. The officer failed to mention that the male could get the receipt from a station.
  • The panel couldn't hear all of the video due to technical issues, VS confirmed that GO WISELY was started before the search however, went on during the search.
  • The camera wasn’t switched on early enough. But did capture a lot of the interaction.
  • GO WISELY was said. 

Result – Green 2 (Feedback – Switch camera on earlier)

To note: Panel experienced technical difficulties watching this video.

BW Video 3 

KS played video 3

KS read the report from the officer first.

Feedback received:

  • This vehicle was stopped on suspicion of speeding and having no insurance. (under the road traffic act)
  • The officer checked intel on the vehicle and the driver. They established that they may have weapons and had been stopped previously a few days earlier. The search was under PACE 1984
  • The officers made sure she thoroughly checked the suspects background before doing a search to make sure she had grounds.
  • GO WISELY was said.
  • The initial stop was under the road traffic act. 

Result – GREEN 1

BW Video 4 

KS played video 4

KS read the report from the officer first.

Feedback received:

  • Intel was received about incident. Area was searched, suspect was the only person around.
  • Grounds were met.
  • GO WISELY was said. 

Result – Green 2 

Stop and Search Data 

VS goes through the Stop and Search Data (slides attached) and explained what they mean. 

ACTION: MN suggests a deep dive into why you are more likely to be stopped in Bedford if you are a Black Male. 

RG on behalf of IT explained that the deep dive for Central Beds is being done currently and hopes he will get those results back soon. 

RG on behalf of IT explained that the 2 officers with the highest numbers of stop searches and disproportional rates out of the top 10 officers on the ‘officer defined ethnicity’ slide, IT has picked up and has raised this to their Chief Insp’s. Both are from different departments. The Chief Insp’s have said they will do a deep dive into those 2 officers. i.e. reviewing BWV, grounds, S&S. this is still being looked into currently.  

PSD Complaints and Feedback from REDs 

VS explained the process for sending ‘RED’ videos to PSD and what PSD do and what happened after. 

MN explained that the panel will be creating videos to show what the panel do, why panel members joined etc. and also training videos for officers on best practice for S&S.  


Closing remarks:

  • DCC TR – addressed issues that were mentioned and thanked the panel for doing this in their own time.
  • CK thanked panel for understanding the process. CK also reiterated processes.
  • VS explained that all feedback given whether positive or negative – they do take it on board. Thanked the panel for attending.
  • RG spoke about the training videos that will be created to help understand best practice for stop and searches and that they have been approved. RG said dip sample data is coming to VS constantly so they are content that this is happening. RG also confirmed that the TuServ platform will be updated shortly to add the box where is will state if the S&S has been recorded. RG explained that she has requested to retain BWV footage for four months from now on. RG explained there will be an increase of Op Sparkler patrols due to road map of coming out of lockdown so this could affect data for the coming months.  

Meeting closed: 

AW thanked the panel for their view points and comments and for their attendance. AW also thanked VS for the IT and CK.

CK thanked the panel for attending.

MN thanked the panel for their attendance at the meeting. 

Meeting closed 9.15pm 

Date of next meeting June 2021 - 6pm to 8.30pm  

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