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Community Stop Search Scrutiny Panel - Minutes December 2018

Title of meeting: Bedfordshire Community Stop Search Scrutiny Panel
Date: Thursday 6th December 2018
Time: 6pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Youthscape 74 Bute St Luton

Attendees: Montell Neufville, Kimberley Lamb, Ch. Superintendent David Boyle, Insp Hoque, PS Mosley, Sam Denness, Andy Watts, Bipin Raja, Joanne Stringer, Kirsty Bourne, Matthew Allen, Myrna Loy, Peju Akintomide, Shaidah Ali, Usman Ahmed

Apologies: Clare Kelly, Kathryn Holloway, Clare Kelly, Kathryn Holloway, Julia Inman, Kelly Sholagbade, Francoise Julian, Shahzia Chaudhari, Katie Nicholas, Haley Jane Miller, Maddy Hill, Carl Belle ,Anita Outami, Fionten Konstantinos, , Jenna Hutber, Rachel Broderick, Elle Wilson, Masum Chaudhury

Welcome, Introductions, apologies. Confidentiality

Montell Neufville welcomed all and apologies were given.

Minutes of last meeting, matters arising and action points

All previous minutes were accurate. The following action points were both carried forward:

Action: There was another outstanding point about how long will details be kept re SS form data when there is no further action. The old system was 30 days for videos but the receipt form was unclear, will this change with TuServ?

Action: time line on when the data will be ready – Chief Superintendent Boyle to follow up

Action: A report re the ride along to be presented at the next panel meeting: PS Mosley update that so far out of 12 ride alongs only 5 were with response and none had witnessed a SS. Panel would still like a regular report.(Note: that from 1st Dec this will go back to customers services).

 a. Chairs Update - attended London SS workshop at BTP

Montel Neufville updated on the key national issues:

  • At a conference in London senior police leaders proposed removing ‘reasonable grounds’ from SS, this was disputed by most of those in attendance. At the conference. The government has since resolved to maintain reasonable grounds.
  • b. Community Complaints Trigger
  • Increase in the number of complaints
  • Change in disproportionality rate
  • Significant incidents

The panel can call for an investigation to monitor any of these triggers and to provide feedback to the panel and members of the public. The investigation will then sit with the Force Lead on SS.

The Community Complaint Trigger was activated after a panel member witnessed a SS and videoed it. It was initially viewed by Vice Chair Kimberley Lamb and Sam Denness. A sub group was then called and the SS was graded RED with serious concerns around use of force. This has been referred to PSD and is currently being investigated.

c. Vice Chairs Update feedback from station visits

Kimberley Lamb explains that a new spreadsheet has been developed to monitor the dip sampling process. TuServ is used to look at the online forms which are graded. So far most have been GREEN and appear to have greater detail than the previous paper copies.

Action: Follow up on why many have not been signed off by supervisors and whether this is a user error or system error – PS Mosley

Body Worn Video are also monitored in relation to the TuServ forms and these are rated using the RAG system. Those which are not being brought to the panel are being given feedback via the new email templates for those which are GREEN or AMBER. Any that are RED will go directly to the Sergeant or Inspector to feedback.

This system is allowing for greater monitoring but any panel members that are vetted to Level 2 that would like to come and assist, please email: Stop and Scrutiny Panel

Election of chair and vice chair

All voting forms were collated with the following results:

Chair – Montell Neufville

Vice Chair – Kimberley Lamb

Vice Chair – Haleema Ali

Anyone who would be interested in taking on the role of Chair in the future please speak to Montell for further information.

Haleema Ali suggested she could take on social media for the SS

Approval of updates to Terms of Reference

To be carried forward to the next meeting

Role of the panel, Reasonable grounds and GOWISELY

The role of the SS panel is to ensure that stops are carried out fairly and effectively using GOWISELY. Further monitoring can be done through BWV and TuServ. It is essential that data and demographics are available for the panel to view.

Training for both the panel and officers is done from both a national and local level. Overall the Panel provides the Force with a critical friend which is independent and has the views of the local community.

SS Video 1 : SS/0634116927/1 AMBER

Feedback Given: 

  • GOWISELY was not fully completed, panel said that the Officer should have completed it even though the person may not have been listening. 
  • Officers used jargon which could be difficult for some members of the public to follow
  • The actions of the Officers were reasonable.
  • Panel felt that removing the person from the public shop was very respectful and even though he person became agitated Officers remained calm and professional.

SS Video 2 : SS/093040897/9 GREEN

Feedback Given:
Note: A cannabis caution can only be given to those 18 or over.

GOWISELY was mostly covered (missed legal power) and the process explained well Demeanour of the officer was good being authoritative, calm and persistent

Panel discussed about the ramifications of a female Office searching a male – Guidance was given stating that where possible same sex searches should be carried out.

Action: Cultural awareness training needs to be given around touching a Rastafarian’s hair, as this is religious and needs to be treated with respect.

Issues from the community incl comments and concerns.

  • Haleema Ali stressed that the force and educational partners need to be made aware of females being coerced into carrying knifes as they are less likely to be SS 
  • Concerns around knife crime with social media in Luton portraying a lot of negative comments and scare stories. 
  • Haleema Ali mentioned that the BBC are trying to do a knife crime media piece in Luton but using a racial angle.

Action: Members should not give comments on behalf of the SS panel. All members should refer to the Chair first who will then agree with Communications department on a suitable message.

Break 10 Mins

Stop and Search figures for Bedfordshire; Disproportionality figures, Arrest Rate & Positive Outcome figures

These are still not available to present to the whole panel due to the caveat on the data.

Action: Chair requests a separate meeting to go through the data with Vice Chairs, Data analyst and Inspector.

Update on National Stop & search issues Ride along scheme, Road Traffic Act & Any Section 60 Issues

Inspector informs the panel that at the recent national conference in London, Bedfordshire are well ahead in terms of scrutinising the Force SS. Many Forces do not have panels.

Montell Neufville, Kimberley Lamb and Insp Hoque have met and worked with numerous other forces including Canadian Police, MOPAC etc. The panel is very active and as such is getting many referrals for others to replicate.

SS Video 3 : SS/2027542214/3 RED

Feedback from panel given:

Note: No age limit in SS but anyone under 10 years old should be flagged re safeguarding. 

  • The Officer begins calmly and in control, ensuring that the area was safe first. 
  • Officer did specify he was looking for a gun. 
  • Positive outcome and arrest. 
  • The Officers manner does go on to become aggressive and challenging. 
  • No other part of GOWISELY was seen or heard. 
  • Person specifies they have Special Educational Needs so the Officer should have explained clearly what was going to happen 
  • Handcuffs were put on without telling the person they were detained first.

Membership Update

Reminder if you have been to two panel meetings you will need to be vetted to continue. If you would like a form please email: Stopandsearchscrutinypanel

AOB & Travel expenses for out of town travel - dates of next meeting TBA

2019 dates are being set now and will sent out shortly.

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