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Community Stop Search Scrutiny Panel - Minutes August2021

Date: Thursday 26 August 2021

Time: 6pm to 9.15pm

Venue: Microsoft Teams

Chair Montell Neufville (MN) Kashaf Zahid (K) Elaine Keen (EK) Loveness Bishi (LB) Hayley Miller (H) Myrna Loy (ML) Temi Akinbusoye (Te) Thanya Khan(TK) Kelly McDonald (KM) Phil Dickson-Earle (PDE) Anna Andreescu(A

Also In attendance:
PCC Office: CE. Clare Kelly (CK) Zoe-Jade Fraser, (ZF)

Beds Police: A/Sgt Vic Sanghera (VS) S/Int Ian Taylor (IT) Raj (RM


Cambridge OPCC. Ali Flowers (AF)

Devon and Cornwall S&S Panel. Nathan (N)


Hina Shafi (HS) Martin White (MW) Lauren Cox (LC) James Turner (JT) Carl Belle (CB) Julia Popielarek (JP)


DP = Detained person 

Welcome, introductions & apologies

The Chair, MontellNeufville (MN) welcomed everyone and introduced himself to new members and apologies were given. 

The panel then introduced themselves. 

The Police members who came to observe the Stop and Search panel then introduced themselves.

 PCC’s office then introduced themselves. 

MN explained he would like to capture the panels views more accurately. Therefore a new evaluation sheet has been produced which will be used to feedback to the officer the exact outcome with what exactly was missing from GOWISELY and any areas for improvement in the event of an amber or Red. 

MN explained the grading criteria. Green1 to Red 9. 

MN explains the sub panel process. How the panel works and what it looks for


MN explained the importance of confidentiality. 

MN mentioned that everyone on the call has signed the confidentiality agreement so we can begin. 

Minutes of last meeting, matters arising and action points  

MN went through the minutes and the actions from the last meeting one by one. 

KS confirmed that feedback was given to the officers from the videos at the last meeting. 

Actions from last meeting

Action One

IT: More training on Stop and Search for Front line officers.

Action Two

IT to review the data provided and ensure the data provided is correct and where possible more in line with Police.Uk before the next Stop and Search meeting

Action Three

MN suggests a deep dive into why you are more likely to be stopped in Bedford and Central Bedfordshire if you are a Black Male.

Action Four

VS to check with PSD that they are sending all complaints for Stop and Search through the OPCC office as well.


VS hasn’t received a response as of yet.

Minutes were agreed and signed off for last meeting.

Policing Context

IT explains he would like the opportunity to come in, after the deliberations and verdicts have been made, to be able to provide an operational perspective. IT also explains what happens to the panels feedback after the panel. 

IT explains that the force was working with the panel to make stop & search and Use of Force videos for internal officers to understand the work of the panel. 

IT explains the training given which was handed down from The Met for panel members using interactive technology. MN and other panel members explained that the panel did not find the training useful, beneficial or accurate. In addition It missed out and ignored the main issues around stop and search

Chairs update 

MN reminded the panel of the importance of the work they do to underpin honesty integrity and impartiality. To have an impartial view on police actions and decision making.

The next factor to be reminded was to ensure that explanations of disproportionality were independently investigated to provide that reassurance

Another important area is to recognise that police officers are using intrusive cohesive powers. At all times these powers must be used lawfully without bias and only for legitimate crime fighting purposes.

Ride along scheme 

IT covered the ride along scheme and informed panel members that they can take part once everything is up and running after covid.

This will be open to everyone on the panel. 

MN is liaising with Chief Superintendent Murphy for his decision on when the ride-along would be re introduced.

Report back from BWV Sub group - outcomes 

KS spoke through the outcomes from the BWV Sub Group. 

The sub panel have viewed nine Stop and Search videos in total since last Stop and Search panel meeting. 

Video grades from panel:

0 – Green

5 (A4 x3) (A5 x1) (A6 x1) – Amber

3 – Red7 and referred to Insp 

1 – Red 7 referred to PSD 

MN stated that the main basis for checking these videos were

  1. to check reasons for high levels of disproportionality in Central Beds and
  2. understand the reasons and behaviour of officers who use most stop and searches.

MN added that as a panel they were not reassured by either of these two factors. 

Report back from Use of Force Sub Group 

KS explained the UoF group has viewed four videos in total. Four of which were since the last Stop and Search panel meeting.  

3 – Green (G1, G2 and G3)

1 – Red7 forwarded to Insp

(Insp queried why it was red7, fed back to Chair, MN has since been in discussion with Insp and explained the panels reasons. Now waiting for further feedback) has also been forwarded to PSD. No response as of yet. 

CK explained the importance of feedback and advertising feedback received to the public. 

MN explains how the panel encourage members of the public to join the police.

Vice Chairs update; Reasonable grounds 

MN covered the VC update and explained reasonable grounds. 

VS explains the new ‘online poll’ system for grading videos.

BW Video 1 

KS played video 1

KS read the report from the officer first.

Feedback to be provided to the officer

  • The panel agreed that there was reasonable suspicion to stop.
  • Was GOWISELY used – yes.
  • The panel thought the handcuffs were justified due to being stop and searched for ‘going equipped’ so this could have been for the officer’s safety. Also, the DP did have a moped so could have got on and drove away. However, the DP was very compliant.

= RESULT – GREEN 2 Reason for G2 was the officer did not explain the reasons for he handcuffs and had other officers present

BW Video 2

KS played video 2

KS read the report from the officer first.

Feedback to be provided to the officer

  • GO WISELY was used
  • A female officer searched the male DP and there was a male officer there. Should have waited for the male to be free to search the male DP.
  • Search officer didn’t put handcuffs on straight away. Panel liked this. Even though DP was suspected of having a knife.
  • Officer spoke to DP politely, gave full information on search, very well conducted.


IT explained the JOG search – Jacket, over coat and gloves.

Anything more for a search should be done by the same sex. 

BW Video 3 

KS played video 3

KS read the report from the officer first. There were two officers involved. A male officer who detained the member of the public and the female officer who conducted the stop search.

Feedback to be provided to the officers

  • Reasonable suspicion did not exist
  • Officer didn’t explain what Section 1 means.
  • Panel didn’t like how the DP was addressed.
  • Multiple officers telling the DP different things, so hard for the DP to focus on the one actually searching him or understand the reason for the search.
  • Officers laughed at DP.
  • Handcuffs were used straight away without justifying this to the member of the public.
  • Quite a number of officers surrounded the DP.
  • Only half of GO WISELY was used.


Stop and Search Data 

IT goes through the Stop and Search Data (slides attached) and gave his views and explanations. 

IT stated that he had additional data which explained and justified the the higher levels of disproportionality in Central Beds and Bedford. 

  1. Due to the population demographic figures being 2011 and
  2. Many of the DP's were mapped gang members and there was legitimate reasons and intelligence for carrying out these stop and searches

MN stated that every stop and search must have lawful grounds. That it was irrelevant the figures were based on 2011 or if the detained persons were residents or not. The deep dives that the panel does including the reporting earlier did not justify or give confidence that the powers were always being used in a lawful way. MN said any figures or reasons must be provided to the panel for independent scrutiny. 

The chair requested that this extra information is provided to the panel and they will make an independent assessment and report back on their findings.


IT to forward this extra information to the panel for independent scrutiny

PSD Complaints and Feedback from REDs 

Not applicable

Any Stop & Search issues in the Community 

Not applicable


CK mentioned how she liked having the new poll system in place for straight after the video and then again after the discussion.


MN stated he would consult the panel members and they will advise what their views where. 

Meeting closed: 

MN thanked the panel for their view points and comments and for their attendance.

CK thanked the panel for attending. 

Meeting closed 9.15pm 

Date of next meeting 25 November 2021 - 6pm to 8.30 pm

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