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Meet the team

 The Bedfordshire Community Scrutiny Panel consists of people from all over Bedfordshire, males females from every part of the county and from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Anyone over the age of 16 who doesn't work for a police force or the PCC can apply to join the panel. We maintain a pool of around fifty people and meetings are held four times a year, alternating between Bedford and Luton. Since the Pandemic meetings have been virtual. If you would like to join the panel or would like further information please contact

Chair - Montell Neufville

Montell took up the position of Chairman in in April 2016 and has a backgroundChair of Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel Montell Neufville in Community Engagement, Local Government, Policy, Governance, Youth Leadership and Building Partnerships. His professions include finance, marketing and lecturing.  He is the Managing Director of ATT10TIVE training company which provides workshops on Unconscious Bias, Mentoring, various Policing subjects including neighbourhood policing and Understanding Stop and Search amongst its offering.

Vice Chair – Martin White

I am pleased to hold the position of vice chair of the community scrutiny panel which covMartin Whiteers Stop and Search and Use of Force.

I have lived in Central Bedfordshire for 38 years.

As a young person living on a multi-cultural council estate in London, I was subject to stop and search by the local constabulary on a number of occasions. Later I qualified as a lawyer. In 2009 I joined Bedfordshire Police serving as a frontline officer in the Special Constabulary, progressing to become a sergeant and a tutor. I have now retired and do voluntary work

I have experienced stop and search, conducted stop and searches, advised on and scrutinised stop and search procedures. So I am confident in knowing this topic area.

On behalf of the community, I want to ensure that the exercise of police powers is conducted in a fair, compliant, unbiased and accountable manner. I'm aware that our panel is seen as a benchmark for others to follow and I wish to take the work we do to the next level.

Vice Chair – Hina ShafiHina Shafi, vice chair of the Bedfordshire stop and search and use of force scrutiny panels

I am honoured to hold the role of a vice chair of this important scrutiny committee on behalf of the the community to oversee Bedfordshire Police. From a young age I have recognised the importance of community cohesion and the immense benefits gained when we work together in harmony and listen to one another.

Equally, I have also recognised the need to address the public’s anxieties and to work with the police to make a positive change in our communities. If I can work with others to improve relationships between the police and local people, we should, together, be able to make a positive change in our communities. This can be achieved by ensuring that police officers us their powers in a fair, compliant and unbiased manner.

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