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Roll of honour

Commemorating all officers who have died on duty or as the result of injuries sustained whilst on duty since the formation of the County Force and Borough Forces since 1840.

Luton Borough Police - 1876 to 1947

Inspector Samuel Brace

Inspector Samuel Brace joined the Bedfordshire Constabulary during 1864 and resigned to join the newly formed Luton Borough Police in 1876 as its first Inspector, the second most senior officer in the Force. As yet the precise details are not known but during 1880 he was so severely injured on duty that it was necessary for him to resign in the November of that year, sadly he died only six months later, in May 1881.

Bedfordshire Constabulary – 1840 to 1966

Constable Herbert Millington Jay

PC Jay died at the age of 31 years when he was accidentally struck by a lorry after he had stopped a bus late at night on the 19 June 1929.

Special Constable Sydney Kingham Dunkley

SC Dunkley died at the age of 45 years when on night duty, when his stationary car was hit by another vehicle in September 1939.

War Reserve Constable William Frederick Morris

Former WRPC Morris died from tuberculosis at the age of 53 years in September 1947. He contracted the illness during the course of his duties during the Second World War as the result of having been exposed to extremes of wet weather and resulted in his premature retirement from the Force. It is probable that his overall physical constitution had been affected as a result of his having been a gas casualty during the First World War. 

Constable Alfred Donald Warton  

PC Warton died at the age of 35 years as the result of injuries sustained when his patrol car crashed and overturned during April 1948.

Constable Robert Housden

PC Housden died at the age of 22 years when he was struck by a car whilst warning traffic of flood danger at night on the 8 December 1954.

Bedfordshire and Luton Constabulary – 1966 to 1974

Constable John James Weller

PC Weller died at the age of 34 years following a tragic accident in the rear yard of the Road Traffic Department at Kempston, shortly before going off duty after a night shift

Special Constable Colin Poulton

Special Constable Poulton died at the age of 33 years as the result of the injuries sustained after being struck by a car whilst dealing with signage and lighting at roadworks near to the Speed the Plough Public House on the A6 on the 20 May 1970. 

Bedfordshire Police

Constable Geoffrey Ivor Ball

PC Ball was fatally injured at the age of 32 years when his police motorcycle was in collision with a lorry on the 16 February 1983.

Sergeant Ronald Hunter

Sgt Hunter collapsed and died from heart failure at the age of 52 years whilst on duty at his Station on the 30 December 1985.

Sergeant Robert Charles Pearman

Sgt Pearman collapsed and died at the age of 42 years whilst dealing with the scene of a Road Traffic Accident on the 11 December 1995.

Constable John Stephen Simmons

PC Simmons died at the age of 27 years following an accident involving his motorcycle whilst travelling home following football duty on the 5 August 2006

Constable Jonathan Charles Henry 

PC Henry was fatally stabbed in Luton Town Centre at the age of 36 years  whilst attempting to arrest a man who had already attacked members of the public on the 11 June 2007

 This roll of fallen officers has been compiled from Force Archives and the National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance. Bedfordshire Police gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Police Roll of Honour Trust in its preparation

The Police Roll of Honour Trust maintains the National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance on behalf of all the past and present Police Forces of the United Kingdom.

The motto of the Trust is ‘Lest We Forget’ and in furtherance of that aim it not only records current duty deaths but researches historical deaths also, discovering between 30 and 50 annually. For more information about the Trust and its work please visit the Police Memorial website (opens in new window).

The Roll of Honour commemorates those officers who have died on duty, or as the result of injuries sustained on duty. If you have information about any of the officers listed, or believe that you know of Bedfordshire Police officers whose details are not shown on the Roll of Honour, please contact Keith Jackson by emailing with brief information about the officer and personal contact details.

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