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Our chief constable


Jon was appointed Chief Constable of Bedfordshire in August 2015, having joined the force a year earlier as Deputy Chief Constable.

Alongside leading Bedfordshire Police, Jon oversees the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit and the Eastern Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit; units responsible for tackling serious and organised crime and terrorism across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Bedfordshire is also the lead force for Joint Protective Services which comprises collaborated units including Major Crime, Dogs, Firearms and Roads Policing covering Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

Alongside his work in Bedfordshire and across the region, Jon is also leading an investigation into a number of alleged murders in Northern Ireland. Full details are available on the Op Kenova website.

Jon was previously national policing lead for Technical Surveillance Units (TSU), for the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA),for Undercover Policing.

He has more than 30 years’ police service, spent almost entirely as a detective with the Metropolitan Police. He also worked on the Regional and National Crime Squad, targeting serious and organised crime groups with links to international criminal networks; he was the case officer responsible for the UK’s largest cocaine seizure of that time, this investigation led to new legislation regarding the use of covert police tactics.
He was part of the Flying Squad in London, investigating robberies, developing intelligence, gathering evidence and leading armed operations.

Key investigations include:

In November 2003, Jon was seconded to the Anti-Terrorist Branch at New Scotland Yard as the Senior Investigating Officer for numerous national security operations: He led an investigation into war crimes committed in Afghanistan by a renowned war lord (Sarwar 'Faryadi' Zardad). This led to life imprisonment for an Afghan Commander for atrocities of rape and torture against civilians.
Jon was the Senior Investigating Officer for Operation ‘Rhyme’, an investigation that identified and traced a group of British men who planned mass casualty attacks in Washington, New York and Newark in the USA. The group also planned chemical and biological and improvised bomb attacks in the UK. The plotters’ leader, Dhiren Barot, was sentenced to 80 years’ imprisonment and the remaining members of the cell were convicted for conspiracy to murder. Barot is considered to be the most significant AQ subjects to have been detained in the UK.
Jon led the ‘manhunt’ which identified the 21/7 failed terrorist plotters. This was one of the most challenging episodes in British policing, the police operation successfully identified, located and arrested the suspects and those that assisted them.  Jon also led the investigative response to the Haymarket car bomb and subsequent terrorist attack at Glasgow airport.
Jon has held the position of the National Coordinator for Pursue under the UK Contest strategy. This involved Jon managing the national police network in England and Wales for Counter Terrorism. He has worked within the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism in the Home Office acting as an advisor on policing issues specifically those related to national security.
Jon has a Masters Degree from Cambridge University in Criminology and Executive Police Management writing his thesis ‘Understanding Cybercrime and the Cybercriminal’  
He is a champion for Place2Be, a charitable organisation working in schools across the UK, providing emotional support to children.  He is a strong advocate for initiatives that provide support for and divert children and young people away from crime.

He was recently elected as a fellow for the Royal Society of Arts.

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