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Sponsorship & donations

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire welcomes Sponsorship and Donations from businesses and the wider community to facilitate particular areas of interest. 

These contributions are allowed for under Section 93 of the Police Act 1996, which states “A local policing body may, in connection with the discharge of any of its functions, accept gifts of money, and gifts or loans of other property, on such terms as appear to the authority to be appropriate.” Sponsorship is generally focused towards a particular operation or area that the sponsor has an interest in assisting with. Donations are generally not targeted towards any specific activity, but may be for a particular team or group to use how they see best used. Sponsorship and donations are not necessarily cash, but could be resources such as goods or services. 

Examples of sponsorship of Bedfordshire Police include funds which have enabled recognition at the annual Bedfordshire Police Awards, of particularly extraordinary work or service. Examples of donations include funds made to the Bedfordshire Police Cadets, to assist with their costs.  

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire retains the right to decline any offer of sponsorship or donation, without the provision of any reason or explanation. Sponsorship, (due to its potential return on investment to the sponsor) is liable to VAT at the then current rate. Donations, (which have no tangible return on investment) are not liable to VAT.

If you would like to sponsor a Bedfordshire Police activity or make a donation, please contact Bedfordshire Police Services at the address below.

Senior Finance Assistant
Bedfordshire Police
Woburn Road
MK43 9AX

e-mail: Police Services

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