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Contacting us

Due to unprecedented demand and unforeseen staffing issues, people calling 101 are experiencing longer waiting times than normal. Please report non-emergencies to us via our webchat and online reporting tool, but always call 999 in an emergency.

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Why Project Servator?

Ensuring London Luton Airport is a safe and secure environment for visitors and workers is a priority for the Airport Policing Unit.

As the  nature of potential threats change, we need to change the way we prevent them from happening.  Project Servator allows us to take an overall better planned approach to protecting the area.

What we do gives reassurance to the general public, whilst deterring would-be criminals and making a wide range of criminals (from petty criminals through to terrorists) easier to detect by specially trained officers, which has been proven to be very effective in detecting those with criminal intent.

When and where?

Project Servator deployments can happen at any time, anywhere across the airport, including in and around the terminal building, public transport, car parks, the road network, hotels, restaurants and shops across the site.


We plan operations that will prevent activity and raise concerns amongst criminals, and use specially trained officers and other specialist resources, supported by CCTV operators and the Airport Community to increase the chances of correctly discovering them.

Along with supporting information and materials, people will see more high profile deployments in and around key locations. These deployments will be unpredictable and vary from one day to the next.

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