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Project Servator

Project Servator logoOur Airport Policing Unit based at London Luton Airport uses tactics aimed at deterring and detecting criminal and terrorist activity across the airport’s footprint.

The tactics use unique and cutting edge training for officers to cut crime, while raising public confidence and reassurance.

What is Project Servator?

Project Servator is a way of working which involves officers, both in uniform and in plain clothes, patrolling areas of the airport at unpredictable times, supported by additional specialist police resources such as search dogs and armed police officers.

These officers have been specially trained to spot the tell-tale signs that a person may be carrying out 'hostile reconnaissance' (information gathering) or engaging in other criminal activity, and will approach anyone they think may be in the area for criminal reasons.

This activity will:

  • cut crime
  • increase community rapport, engagement and support
  • deter would be perpetrators of hostile reconnaissance
  • raise public confidence and reassurance

Hostile reconnaissance is the purposeful observation of people, places, vehicles and locations with the intention of collecting information to inform the planning of a hostile act against a target.

Criminals, whether extreme protest groups, organised crime or terrorists, need to conduct hostile reconnaissance in order to plan a successful attack. If we can disrupt and deter them at an early stage, it is likely they will abandon their plans.

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