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Our priorities

Our ultimate purpose at Bedfordshire Police is to protect people and fight crime together.

Our staff, our officers and our army of volunteers and Specials work extremely hard day in and day out to keep Bedfordshire safe, and as we face increasing demands from the emerging threats of complex crimes such as CSE and Cyber Crime at a time when budgets are reducing, policing has never faced such challenges.

This is why we must work smarter. Having a clear understanding of force operational and strategic priorities will help us to do that and will support delivery of an effective and efficient police service.

Our day to day priorities are of course influenced by the demands placed upon us and using the THRIVE model helps us to prioritise response to ensure that we can put the protection of people (safeguarding) first.

Our documents provide clarity around the strategic direction of the force, making clear what we want to achieve and where we must focus our efforts. All officers and staff will make a direct contribution in some way towards delivering these plans and everybody across the force should understand them and support their delivery.

Equally as important is the need to understand and live by Our Leadership Charter and Our Force Values and Principles, which helps us to deliver a legitimate police service and create a culture that we are proud of as ‘Team Bedfordshire’.


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