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Equality Objectives one to six

 View the protected characteristics of the Equality Objectives one to six

Equality Objective 1 

Improve the ways in which people with “Protected Characteristics” (Equality Act) and  Bedfordshire Police interact and work together to improve service delivery.

  • Accessibility to services and information
  • Engagement with communities 
  • Understanding the communities we serve 
  • Identify key individuals to be champions for equality and be a conduit between police, individuals and communities
  • Enhance partnership working to improve service delivery

Equality Objective 2

Improve the ways we support vulnerable victims focusing on:

  • Victims of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) 
  • Providing specialist support to victims based on their Protected Characteristics 
  • Protecting people that are vulnerable to violence
  • Protecting people who are vulnerable to exploitation 
  • Protecting people who are vulnerable to radicalisation 

Equality Objective 3

 Satisfaction – The Force will ensure people with “Protected Characteristics” are satisfied with the services they receive and understand what more could be done to improve their levels of satisfactionparagraph here (optional).

  • Improve our understanding of the views, needs and expectations of victims with Protected Characteristics and the extent to which a Protected Characteristic contributes to levels of victimisation and feelings of vulnerability, particularly focusing on those with long term illness and disability and visible ethnic minority groups.

Equality Objective 4

Building a Diverse Workforce - The Force aims to better understand its workforce and shape recruitment, retention and progression activity (including positive action) informed by engagement with under-represented groups in our communities and the experiences of under-represented members of our workforce e.g. through exit interview feedback and opinion surveys.

  • Engage with community groups and recruitment experts regarding ways to improve attraction rates of candidates from under-represented groups and carry out positive action initiatives to support and encourage them through the application process. 

Equality Objective 5

Workforce Satisfaction - The Force aims to improve satisfaction levels of people with “Protected Characteristics” with regard to fair treatment, respect, dignity and equal opportunity.

  •  Address issues raised in previous staff opinion surveys through joint working and engagement to improve satisfaction with members of staff from the Protected Characteristic Groups showing the lowest levels of satisfaction.

Equality Objective 6

Objective 6 (Internal) - Integrating Equality into Core Business – The Force will meet the three duties of the Equality Act across all business areas.

  • Strengthen the existing processes to ensure we gather information and evidence across all areas of our work that demonstrate promotion of the Equality Duties. 

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