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FOI publications 2019

Published freedom of information requests for Bedfordshire, 2019.



December 2019
Freedom of Information response regarding   Date published
Crimes recorded near travellers sites in 2019 and Annex      15/12/2019
Interviews in force      15/12/2019
Mental health and Annex     14/12/2019
Stop and search positive outcomes     14/12/2019
Homophobic attacks     10/12/2019
Detention of adults April 2018-March 2019     09/12/2019
Child sex offender disclosure scheme     08/12/2019
November 2019
Freedom of Information response regarding   Date published
Betting shop Crime      18/11/2019
Drink driving offences and Annex      18/11/2019
Independent Advisory Group (IAG) members     15/11/2019
Under 16 year olds with drug offences     14/11/2019
Criminal incidents in schools     14/11/2019
Crimes recorded 2017-2019     14/11/2019
Sexual offences reported between 2015-2019 and Annex     12/11/2019
Cubbing and foxhunting reports since 2010     11/11/2019
Speeding offences in Bromham and Oakley     08/11/2019
Taser trained officers     08/11/2019
Keywords in crime database and Annex     08/11/2019
Forensic collision investgator positions     08/11/2019
Robberies 2018     08/11/2019
Released under investigation 2015-2019 and Annex     07/11/2019
Speed and traffic cameras     07/11/2019
Perpetrators over 50 years old and Annex     07/11/2019
ATM attacks     06/11/2019
Malicious communications and harrassment allegations and Annex     05/11/2019
Disclosing private sexual photographs and films     04/11/2019
Hate Crime 2016     01/11/2019
October 2019
 Freedom of Information response regarding   Date published
 Assaults on HGV drivers and Annex      30/10/2019
 Clare's Law      30/10/2019
Vehicle defeat rectification notices     30/10/2019
Stress leave     29/10/2019
Caravan thefts and Annex     29/10/2019
Code of ethics     28/10/2019
Threat to life warning notice     28/10/2019
Use of spit guards and Annex     23/10/2019
Theft of motor vehicles between 2014-2019     18/10/2019
Cyberstalking incidents and Annex     18/10/2019
September 2019
 Freedom of Information response regarding:     Date published: 
LGBT Domestic Abuse and Annex     27/09/2019
Domestic abuse     26/09/2019
Speed cameras Westoning     25/09/2019
Hate Crime     20/09/2019
Monthy recorded crimes since Nov 17 and Annex     19/09/2019
Charity shop crime and Annex     18/09/2019
Drink driving and Annex     18/09/2019
 Incidents attended by Beds Police 1.06.18-31.05.2019 and Annex     17/09/2019
Offensive weapons on school premises and Annex     17/09/2019
Police Officers assaults in the past 10 years     17/09/2019
Sexting     17/09/2019
R v Wiles ruling applied     16/09/2019


August 2019
Freedom of Information response regarding:  Date published:
Homophobic and Transphobic Hate Crime     29/08/2019
Student Offenders and Annex A     29/08/2019
Speeding Offences     29/08/2019
Speed cameras     29/08/2019
Online Dating and Annex A     28/08/2019
Luton Airport Sexual Assaults     28/08/2019
Injuries to Police Officers and Annex A     23/08/2019
Sale of Police Stations     23/08/2019
S.136 Mental Health Act and Annex A     22/08/2019
Custody Food     22/08/2019
Van theft     22/09/2019
Theft of post     22/08/2019
Under 18's arrested for drug offences     21/08/2019
Static speed camera near Westoning, Bedfordshire     21/08/2019
Top three towns in Bedfordshire in regards to number of speeding fines issued      
Theft of keyless motor vehicles     20/08/2019
Weapons recovered from schools in the past five years     20/08/2019
Thefts from churches     2019/08/2019
Online crime reporting tool     16/08/2019
Missing and absent people     16/08/2019
Accidents involving electric scooters     15/08/2019
Subject Access Requests     14/08/2019
Number of reported mobile phone thefts     14/08/2019
Bank cards reporting missing or stolen in the past three years     14/08/2019
Number of pedal cycles stolen, arrests and charges since 2016 and Annex A     13/08/2019
Penalty Charge Notices and warnings to people using electric scooters     13/08/2019
Incidents involving electronic scooters     13/08/2019
Halted rape and sexual offence cases     07/08/2019
Incidents of intimate partner violence involving LGBT community     07/08/2019
Domestic abuse incidents where the perpetrator is an officer, PCSO or member of police staff     07/08/2019
Anti-social behaviour related incidents at London Luton Airport     06/08/2019
Male victims and offenders in domestic abuse cases     06/08/2019
Disability hate crimes and Annex A     05/08/2019
Crimes involving dating websites     02/08/2019
How many mental health incidents since 2014? and Annex A     02/08/2019
Fixed Penalty Notices issued on Smart Motorways     02/08/2019
Speed camera responsible for the most speeding penalties     01/08/2019



 July 2019
Freedom of Information response regarding:   Date published:
Calls about drones     30/07/2019
Premises and Annex A     30/07/2019
Domestic abuse involving pets     30/07/2019
Drink driving arrests and Annex A     29/07/2019
Stop and search and Annex A     24/07/2019
Stolen dogs and Annex A      23/07/2019
Malicious Damages Act      18/07/2019
Cannabis offences      18/07/2019
Domestic abuse guidance and Annex A      18/07/2019
Road rage and Annex A      18/07/2019
Stalking numbers      17/07/2019
How many children caught with knives and Annex A      16/07/2019
Number of Islamophobic hate crimes and Annex A      16/07/2019
Crimes committed in Stanbridge, Tilsworth and Billington since Jan 2019     16/07/2019
Befordshire Police Specials and their authorities      16/07/2019
Car thefts and keyless car thefts in 2018      16/07/2019
Total of number plate offences in 2017 - 2019 and Annex A      15/07/2019
Under 18s drug dealing      15/07/2019
Fines issued by the speed camera in Turvey      15/07/2019
Racial breakdown for knife crime      15/07/2019
Collisions on the A421      11/07/2019
Arrests relating to Class A drugs and Annex A      11/07/2019
Police station locations and services and Annex A      10/07/2019
Homophobic hate crimes and outcomes      10/07/2019
Islamaphobic hate crimes in the last six years      10/07/2019
Grooming linked to online gaming      08/07/2019
Number of accidents at the B5120/A5 M1 Link Road      08/07/2019
PIN Notices issued      05/07/2019
Racially aggravated crimes by neighbourhood and Annex A      05/07/2019
LGBT victims of crime involving their partner      04/07/2019
Arrests in 2017 and 2018 under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 and Annex A      04/07/2019
Crimes recorded in pharmacies and Annex A      04/07/2019
Domestic abuse victim numbers      01/07/2019
Registered sex offenders      01/07/2019
Offences classified as commercial thefts between 2015 and 2018      01/07/2019
Wildlife crime incidents      01/07/2019


 June 2019
Freedom of Information response regarding:  Date published:
Thefts from construction sites and Annex A   27/06/2019
Number of investigations and Annex A   26/06/2019
Noise complaints relating to fireworks or Bonfire Night   26/06/2019
Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridshire vehicle fleet and Annex A   26/06/2019
Domestic related homicides between 2013 and 2018   25/06/2019
Child arrests, human trafficking and slavery training and Annex A   25/06/2019
Fuel theft data from 2016, 2017 and 2018   25/06/2019
Sarah's Law figures   23/06/2019
Cost to police football matches during the 2018/2019 season   21/06/2019
Sexual offences involving under 16s and Annex A   20/06/2019
Reported incidents of revenge pornography in 2017/18 and Annex A   13/06/2019
Registered sex offenders   10/06/2019
Corruption reports and outcomes   07/06/2019
Arrests since November 2017 for various offences   06/06/2019
Number of fatalities attended by Forensic Collision Investigators in 2016, 2017 and 2018   06/06/2019
Blackmail cases involving webcams and Annex A   05/06/2019
Fixed Penality Notic cancellations   05/06/2019
Arrests and charges under the Vagrancy Act   05/06/2019
Driving offences caught on dashcam   04/06/2019
Number of collisions involving cyclists   04/06/2019
Hate crimes recorded in schools   04/06/2019
Drug offences where social media is mentioned in the report   02/06/2019


 May 2019
Freedom of Information response regarding:  Date published:
Domestic abuse incidents 2018-2019 and Annex A   30/05/2019
Assaults and threats to teachers  and Annex A   30/05/2019
Length of time material is retained during investigations and Annex A   30/05/2019
Thefts of motorcycles and scooters in 2017 and 2018   30/05/2019
Charges for BME individuals and non-BME individuals   30/05/2019
Arrests of women over 18 in 2018   23/05/2019
Reports of stalking since 2014   23/05/2019
Details of 'illegal raves' in 2018   22/05/2019
Men and women over 40 charged with possession of Cocaine between 2018 and 2019   21/05/2019
Police station locations   20/05/2019
Drug related arrests - people aged 16 or under   20/05/2019
Reports of Islamaphobic hate crime between February 2018 and April 2019   17/05/2019
Media training   13/05/2019
PAVA training   13/05/2019
Knife arches   13/05/2019
Cases of motorbike/moped enabled theft and Annex A   10/05/2019
Number of hate crime offences committed against people who identify as being transgender?   10/05/2019
Number of police officers absent for mental health reasons   10/05/2019
Number of religious hate crimes and Annexe A   10/05/2019
Number of illegal cannabis farms   10/05/2019
Revenge pornography   10/05/2019
Kidnapping offences   10/05/2019
Psychological illnesses   09/05/2019
Sightings of big cats from 2014 and Annex A   09/05/2019
Reports of stalking between 2013 and 2018 and outcomes and Annexe A   09/05/2019
Number of tickets issued by speed cameras on Airport Way in Luton   08/05/2019
Number of sickness days by officers in your force   08/05/2019
Possession of a bladed article by a child under 16   08/05/2019
Rewards for information since January 2014   07/05/2019
Recorded sexual offences where the victim is under 18   07/05/2019
Number of motorists caught exceeding 100mph in 2017 and 2018   02/05/2019
Collisions involving police vehicles   01/05/2019
Collisions involving authority vehicles   01/05/2019
Number of incidents involving ‘knives’, ‘knife’ or ‘bladed object’ in the last 12 months   01/05/2019

April 2019
Freedom of Information response regarding:  Date published:
Drug offences arrests and Annex A   30/04/2019
Number of dogs stolen in 2017 and 2018   30/04/2019
Closure orders made in the past five years   30/04/2019
Reports of parents going missing with their child, and number of prosecutions   30/04/2019
Number of homicide offences   29/05/2019
Number of fatal stabbings   25/04/2019
Crimes relating to digital cameras and photography equipment - and AnnexA1 and AnnexA2   24/04/2019
Honour-based violence, FGM and forced marriage   24/04/2019
Officers and staff involved in fox hunting   24/04/2019
Reports not requiring further investigation   17/04/2019
Number of speeding offences over 100mph   17/04/2019
Revenge porn offences since 2014 and Annex A   15/04/2019
Number of stolen pets in 2018   12/04/2019
Violent crime statistics and Annex A   11/04/2019
Arrests for controlling and coercive behaviour   11/04/2019
Assaults on NHS staff   11/04/2019
Vehicle thefts   08/04/2019
Crimes related to Airbnb   05/04/2019
Has the force received any monies from the BBC for the production of Traffic Cops?   05/04/2019
 Number of cautions issued   01/04/2019

March 2019
  Freedom of Information response regarding:  Date published:
Drone related crimes   29/03/2019
Offences involving a knife   29/03/2019
Incidents of religious hate crime   28/03/2019
Information regarding Claire's Law   28/03/2019
Number of taxi drivers recorded as victims of crime   28/03/2019
Offence of having article with blade or point on school premises   27/03/2019
Missing people   27/03/2019
How many police officers are from an ethnic background that is not caucasian?   22/03/2019
How many social media accounts do you have?   21/03/2019
What was the average response time for 999 calls 2011 - 2018?   20/03/2019
How many police stations, custody suites and custody cells?   20/03/2019
Use of tasers, incapacitant spray and spit guards   2019/03/2019
Sending letters with intent to cause anxiety   18/03/2019
How many fixed automated speed camera housings do you operate?   15/03/2019
Children's homes   13/03/2019
Traffic collisions and Annex A   12/03/2019
Spit guards   12/03/2019
Firearms licensing   06/03/2019
Coercive control arrests and outcomes and Annex A   05/03/2019
Coercive control arrests   05/03/2019
Number of crimes in betting shops   05/03/2019
Cannabis enforcement   05/03/2019
Reports of sexual offences   04/03/2019
Case management systems used by the force   01/03/2019
February 2019
  Freedom of Information response regarding:  Date published:
Clare's Law   28/02/2019
Donations, gifts, sponsorships and loans received by the force   28/02/2019
Dog theft crime   26/02/2019
Recorded incidents of an adult male in a same sex relationship   26/02/2019
Crimes of theft involving sheep   26/02/2019
Reports of sexual assaults at hospitals or doctors surgeries and Annex A   25/02/2019
Number of children held in custody overnight   20/02/2019
Keyless car thefts and car thefts reported to the police and Annex A   14/02/2019
Information relating hate crime   12/02/2019
Tailgating and lane discipline tickets issued   12/02/2019
Spice and black mamba crimes recorded by the force   12/02/2019
Calls relating to Boxing Day hunts   11/02/2019
Requests made under Sarah's Law   08/02/2019
Incidents involving drones   07/02/2019
Number of digital devices forensically examined   07/02/2019
Number of serving officers and staff jailed   07/02/2019
Theft related offences at Luton Airport and Annex A   05/02/2019
Driving without a valid MOT certificate offences     05/02/2019
Cannabis related offences for the past 10 years   04/02/2019

January 2019
  Freedom of Information response regarding:  Date
The cost of initial level 2 PSU training   31/01/2019
Number of children abducted by a parent   31/01/2019
Reports of sexual related offences and Annex A   30/01/2019
Number of homicides    29/01/2019
Number of homicides investigated between 2016-2017   28/01/2019
Sexual services and Annex A   28/01/2019
Use of public cloud services   25/01/2019
Money spent on police hire vehicles   25/01/2019
Recordings of homicide and Annex A   24/01/2019
Dog theft crimes   21/01/2019
Use of Force and Annex A   18/01/2019
Sexual offences investigations   17/01/2019
Lead theft reports and Annex A   17/01/2019
Incidents involving mobility scooters   15/01/2019
Use of civil orders   15/01/2019
Special constabulary rank structure   15/01/2019
Number of non-crime hate incidents   15/01/2019
Children held in cells / custody suites and Annex A   15/01/2019
Knife incidents in educational institutes and Annex A   15/01/2019
Mobile and fixed safey cameras   14/01/2019
Complaints at Immigration Remand Centres   14/01/2019
Breakdown of offences warrants are for   11/01/2019
Number of tasers seized   11/01/2019
Arrests and incidents involving Vietnamese children and Annex A   09/01/2019
Number of drugs gangs operating in Bedfordshire   09/01/2019
Number of hospital thefts and Annex A   08/01/2019
Garden buildings broken into   08/01/2019
Reported incidents of identity theft / fraud   08/01/2019
Officers found guilty of breaking the law 2014 - 2018    07/01/2019
Number of calls to 999 and 101   04/01/2019
Fixed penalty notices issued for cycling on the footway    03/01/2019


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