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What do we do?

Community Tension Summary (CTS)

  • The Community Cohesion Team Produce a weekly Statutory Community Tension Statement (CTS) which refers to matters featured, locally, nationally and internationally that may affect the policing response for the communities of Bedfordshire.
  • Community Tension Statement advise police officers and staff about the current identified tensions within the communities of Bedfordshire and provides guidance as to the potential of Threat Risk and Harm to individuals, Communities, Organisations including Bedfordshire Police.

Monitor / reduce community tension

The Community Cohesion Team works closely with operational commanders to ensure that unnecessary Threat, Harm, and Risk to communities are kept to a minimum in accordance with European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). This function is completed by giving consideration to the potential for harm and using knowledge and experience to determine the likelihood of such harm occurring. This in turn allows Bedfordshire Police to provide a proportionate policing style/response.


Work with internal / external organisations and partners

The Community Cohesion Team work closely with many internal police departments and are committed to working with local partners/stakeholders in the statutory, voluntary and faith sectors to develop strong and cohesive communities.

The team continues to fully engage with people from all communities and provide a service which is fair, balanced and based on the needs of that community, not discriminating against any one section of the community or demographic.

The team continues to work closely with members of the IAG – (Independent Advisory Group) and maintains operational management of the groups. Our Independent Advisory Groups are critical friends of the police who ensure that all police services, policies, procedures and practices are free from any kind of direct or indirect discrimination, regardless of age, disability, gender re-assignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

Work with key networks / communities

  • The Community Cohesion Team continues to manage, monitor and review local tensions through partnership working and Key networks.  The team increases public confidence in policing by being fair, transparent and visible.
  • The Community Cohesion Team is able to monitor and review the tension statements based on evidence, experience and potential from speaking to key individuals in the community and working with partners to manage any tensions that may arise.
  • The Community Cohesion Team work from community hubs utilising work space within the community to ensure police presence in Bedfordshire. 

Respond to community tensions

  • The team responds to perceived and actual tensions within the diverse and multi-cultural communities of Bedfordshire.

Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel

  • The Community Cohesion manage the Community Scrutiny Panel. This panel made of members of the public and hard to reach communities and meet quarterly. At sessions the group receive inputs around police powers and individual rights. The panel then review stop search incidents recorded on Police body worn camera and provide feedback that is delivered to the individual Officer under review.
  • If you are over 18 and would like to take part in the Stop and Search Panel please contact via email.

Attend community engagements / events

  • The community Cohesion team attend a number of community engagements and events such as community meetings, police road shows etc. This helps the team build strong and confident communities and identify possible tensions that may exist.

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