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Chief Superintendents and Superintendents recruitment is currently closed. We are currently recruiting police officers, PCSOs and special constables. Please visit our careers page for more information about the roles we have available.

We are looking for leaders to own issues and take responsibility for solving problems sustainably and be prepared to hold people to account as well as be accountable themselves.   

Leaders should be committed to always improving and should be able to empower people to do the right thing and lead change in a way that genuinely includes the front line and people who will be affected by that change. Nobody in the organisation is more important than anyone else.

Chief Constable Garry Forsyth gives a quote about Bedfordshire PoliceWe are holding a virtual information evening on Monday 28 September at 6pm to 8pm for the promotion recruitment process.

The event will introduce you to the executive team, what policing in Bedfordshire involves and what we want to achieve as a force and for the communities in our county.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to secure your place at this event.

If you are ready, you can make your application for this role online.

Detective Superintendent Julie Henderson gives an insight into the role in Bedfordshire.

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We have a diverse, rich group of leaders in Bedfordshire Police and we want people to join our force who are ready to step up, be innovative, empower and take ownership.

As an organisation I want us to have high standards and sharp focus on the needs of the people we are dealing with. I want everybody in our organisation to believe that they really matter to us and we really care about them and I want everybody to enjoy coming to work as much as I do.

Integrity is essential and leaders must be role models of values and behaviour at all times. As an organisation we should aim for the upmost professionalism in all that we do.

We want to know your story - who you are, what you have achieved and how you will contribute to the senior team. We want to know what you will deliver for the organisation, an organisation that we are passionate about and that we are excited to be driving forward.

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In 2008 we began working collaboratively with neighbouring forces and have strong relationships with Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. The collaboration we have is one of the most impressive, effective and sustained in policing.

The strategic alliance has produced extensive achievements in the collaboration of operational and organisational departments.

This programme of change is about both delivering savings and creating a structure that is sustainable and supportive of local policing in each of the three counties, regardless of local difference. It is incredibly important to us all and delivers resilience and capabilities that wouldn’t be recognised on a standalone basis.

We work cohesively as a region and the role that the force plays in such collaboration displays the nature and scale of the criminality we face in Bedfordshire and its impact on our communities.

Image of Julie Henderson speaking about why she works in Bedfordshire Police

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